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RUSH: So listen to this, New York Times: ‘Immigration Bill Provisions Gain Wide Support in Poll.’ In the sixth paragraph, ‘The nationwide telephone poll did not ask respondents about the immigration bill itself.’ Instead, it says in the second paragraph, ‘Taking a pragmatic view on a divisive issue, a large majority of Americans want to change the immigration laws to allow illegal immigrants to gain legal status and to create a new guest worker program to meet future labor demands, the poll found.’ The people are pragmatic. See, you people all of a sudden have become pragmatic. Well, no, you’re not pragmatic. You and I are not pragmatic. The rest of the country is. We’re all yahoos. People support an abstract? You know how meaningless this is? You know how they go out and ask these generic party preference polls for Congress races? ‘You planning on voting Republican?’ They do it for the presidential races. ‘You planning on voting Republican or Democrat in the next presidential race?’ Throw a name in there, throw a couple names in there and it changes the generic ballot all to hell. The same thing here with this abstract poll.

They have not run a poll on the bill. They haven’t even run a poll, as they claim, on attitudes. That’s what they are claiming here. They have run a poll on liberal talking points. For example, here’s a question, ‘Do you think that the United States should set a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq some time in 2008?’ The real question, the real measure of public opinion would be, ‘Should we continue the mission in Iraq or leave as soon as possible?’ But when you write the question, ‘Do you think the U.S. should set a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq some time in 2008?’ That’s the Democrat Party template. The New York Times piece mentions illegal aliens now, rather than undocumented workers. I don’t know what that means. Their style book is hard to figure out.

‘In the long run, will today’s immigrants make American society better or worse? Or will they have no overall effect?’ A better question would be, ‘Kill the long run and just say, ‘will today’s illegal immigrants make American society better?’ It’s key when you leave out the word illegal. If you’re going to take a poll of what’s at stake here and you leave out the word illegal, your question is meaningless. Today’s immigrants? Everybody thinks legal immigrants improve the country. Most people do. This is how these sneaky snakes do this. The most loathsome and meaningless and dishonest question, I think, in the CBS/New York Times poll, ‘Do you think that most recent immigrants contribute or cause problems?’ It isn’t about immigrants. It’s about illegal immigrants. The real question, ‘Do you think that most recent illegal immigrants contribute or cause problems?’ It’s about illegals. It’s not about legal immigration. The New York Times has the audacity to pass this off as somehow accurately representative of the American people. It’s just a joke. Let’s go to the phones. Alan in Chicago. We’re going to start with you on Open Line Friday today. Great to have you with us sir.

CALLER: Good afternoon Rush. Have a good holiday everybody. A long time listener, many time caller. You know what bothers me a lot about the argument made in support of immigration is the comparison between now and the 19th century or early 20th century. There is no comparison. We are in a very advanced society and the skill set of most people from the third world simply does not work well here and given…

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. We’re talking about the jobs Americans won’t do. Not these high-tech — you know that.

CALLER: I’m in the construction business, my friend. I see bricklayers, drywallers, siding men, roofing men, who used to make $20, $30 an hour making $9 an hour. Those jobs are being taken up by immigrants and they’re not low skilled jobs.

RUSH: Why don’t you pay them more? You run the company, right?

CALLER: I don’t run the company. I wish.

RUSH: Oh, okay. Well, you sound like a boss. You have that aura about you. I thought you were even an owner of the company.

CALLER: At one time I was. A lot of people who support immigration are taking advantage of the low wage. But my problem with the low wage is that many of those people will end up as citizens on welfare because they don’t have marketable skills.

RUSH: You are exactly right. Not all, but the vast majority. I figured this out the night before last. All this is about is replacing our birthrate. It’s all about replacing the fact that we’ve aborted 1.3 million babies since 1973. We need bodies to pay Social Security taxes because these politicians, I don’t care Republican or Democrat, Independent, Socialist, Communist, Labor Party, they are not going to reform these entitlements. They’re not going to risk getting defeated. They’ll talk about it, but the reform is going to be getting more people in here to pay the taxes. There are stories — I’ve got one here in the stack — about how these people are going to provide more Social Security taxes than the drain it will place on the system by virtue of what they receive, when it’s just the exact opposite because of what you just said. Once they’re legal, the courts have mandated — even for illegals — they are allowed to have access to the whole social safety hammock.

It’s not even a net, it’s a hammock strung out there between two palm trees with a little Pina Colada on the side all paid for by the US taxpayer. So you’re exactly right. That’s precisely what this is about. They’re telling us that the contributions that the Social Security taxes, income taxes, whatever else, that these newly stamped legals will end up paying, will defray future costs in the Social Security system in the entitlements for the baby boom generation. It’s not going to work out because they’re not going to earn enough money, as you say, because they’re uneducated and low-skilled. So there’s going to be a net drain, because they too are going to be accessing the very same social safety hammock strung out there between two palm trees with a little Pina Colada on the side all paid for by the US taxpayer. And that will be another mistake, ‘Well, we’ll fix that down the road.’ I’m convinced there are other things motivating these people, but that’s a big one. Cary, North Carolina, Open Line Friday, Mike, welcome to the program sir, hello.

CALLER: Hey, major pleasure for me today Rush. I travel around internationally a lot, so I don’t get to listen to the program as much.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that sir. Any effort to listen to the program is appreciated. You should try to listen more. I know you do. (line drops out) His line died? What was he going to say? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. The question was, ‘With all these people out there getting fake social security cards, the employers are deducting the money. Where does the money go?’ It goes to Washington. Some of the employers might keep it. I don’t think so. The employers are not going to play around with withholding. That’s too big of a target. So even the illegal social security cards, the fraudulent social security cards, the money goes to Washington. Do you think that they care? They should but they don’t. Anyway they can get it. Speaking of which, by the way, ladies and gentlemen, we have had a sponsor here going back I guess two or three months. Bank of Amigo which is going to give credit cards and other financial services to the illegals. They’re doing it now. They’ve bought a huge flight of commercials for next week. Whenever a sponsor comes and spends this money, we give them a bonus by playing a commercial in the middle of the program.

(playing Bank of Amigo parody)


RUSH: In other immigration news, ‘The Senate yesterday approved a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, beating back an attempt to remove it from the ‘grand bargain’ immigration bill.’ It’s pure amnesty. If the guest worker program had been killed, the bill would have been killed. The Republicans get the guest worker program. The Democrats get the legalization of illegals. ‘Under that deal, the Republicans agreed to legalize illegal aliens in exchange for Democrats’ allowing a new guest-worker program and changes that favor future immigrants with needed skills and education.’

Now, the question here, is there a larger issue than illegal immigration? Is there a larger issue out there than that? I think so. It’s not about immigration. This is the point. This is not about immigration. It’s about our future as a nation. For 200 years, you’ve heard this. But you’ve not heard it from me. So you essentially haven’t heard it. For 200 year, America was a melting pot, and now we are at risk of what some call a mosaic. There is a huge difference between a mosaic and melting pot. General Dinkins, the mayor for life in New York called New York a gorgeous mosaic. You have all kinds mosaics. Ugly ones, lovely ones, gorgeous ones. But we’re not going to be a melting pot if this thing happens. We’ll become a mosaic. What the Bible called Babel, as in the tower of Babel. The question we have to work out is this, are blank-Americas more American or more blank?

If we all become hyphenated Americans, are we more American or whatever the hyphenated is? Remember the African-American rap singer who was on 60 minutes. His name is Cam’ron. This is the guy who said something like he wouldn’t inform on a fellow African-American even if he was a child molester. He wouldn’t inform because they hate the cops. Well, that’s not very American. This is the kind of cultural decay, this anti-snitch movement out there. If that can be the case, how will Muslim Americans react to suspected terrorists in their midst with the open borders? Hispanic Americans to illegals in their neighborhoods? That’s the simplest way I can phrase this. Mosaic, not melting pot, are blank Americans more American or more blank? Hyphenated Americans more hyphenated or more American? Because there is no assimilation talked here. Not seriously. Mary in California. I’m glad you waited. You
are on open line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, I’m scared to death. First time caller but a long time listener.

RUSH: No reason to be scared. Are you married?

CALLER: Yes I am.

RUSH: It’s going to be just like your husband is there rubbing your back with a glove.

CALLER: After 50 years, I don’t think so.

RUSH: Amen! (laughter).

CALLER: Okay. Well, my question to you Mr. Limbaugh is — oh, by the way, I think you are wonderful and what you are doing is the most wonderful thing you could ever do.

RUSH: I’m doing what I was born to do, I really mean that. Thank you very much.

CALLER: You sound like it when you do it, in all honesty. They are talking the $5,000 that these poor people will have to pay, right?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: If they want to be a citizen. What about all the money, the $1,000 to $1,500 per person to come across the border with the coyotes?

RUSH: The coyotes will have to find a new way of making money, won’t they?

CALLER: Certainly. They will find a way.

RUSH: You know what’s going to happen? I’ll tell you what will happen. If this bill ever becomes law, the coyotes are going to become border control. They are still going to charge the $1500- $2,000 to get past them. If they don’t get paid, they’ll shoot them.

CALLER: I knew you would find a reason for all of this going on. That’s for sure.

RUSH: This government is not going to force these people to pay $5,000.

CALLER: No, they’re not.

RUSH: Now they’re going to be victims of loan sharks and other unsavory characters out there.

CALLER: Well, that’s just —

RUSH: By the way, the $5,000 again only applies if they ask for citizenship. The moment they become legal, they don’t have to pay anything. But, yeah, folks, the free market is the free market and the coyotes are not going to take this sitting down. Maybe the best thing that ever happened passing this bill is that the coyotes become the new border patrol, about three miles south of our southern border.

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