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RUSH: Marilyn in Salem, Oregon, that you get. Welcome to the show.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: And I’ll get right to my question. I would like your view on the idea that maybe it would further embolden terrorists in Islamic countries if Hillary, heaven forbid, became president. And also, would she get her choice of burqa colors?

RUSH: (Laughing.) Black. I get this question a lot. ‘Hey, Rush, we got this problem we face out there in the Middle East, and these guys are in the seventh century, and, you know, they love chopping hands off of women who raise the veil and so forth and do other things. What’s going to happen?’ I think it matters who the woman is, not that she’s a woman. I mean, my God, I tell you, you give me Margaret Thatcher today, give me somebody like Margaret Thatcher, I’d vote for her. Jeanne Kirkpatrick, I would have voted for her. We can’t let what those seventh century dolts think of our culture, affect what we do here. We are who we are. In fact, let me find this story because this just goes right to the nature of a comment I want to make regarding your phone call. Here it is. The Australians have a citizenship test for immigrants. ‘The controversial citizenship test being introduced by the Federal Government has been branded ‘biased’ and ‘unAustralian’ by the nation’s key Muslim body. Australian Federation of Islamic Councils today released a statement strongly questioning the proposed test, saying members ‘share the serious concerns’ it has raised in ‘the wider Australian community.’

‘While AFIC does not oppose regulated immigration, it believes that a test with biased questions targeting particular cultural or ethnic groups goes against the very values of democracy and a fair go that the government is trying to inculcate,’ said President Ikebal Adam Patel. … But he said he it is ‘unfair and un-Australian to expect them to study about Anglo-celtic and Judaeo-Christian values, especially when those migrants are coming from a different religious and cultural background.” And the Australians are saying, no, it’s not; this is who we are. We are an Anglo-Celtic and a Judeo-Christian country and these are the values. If we’re going to have immigrants, we’re going to have a citizenship test. Now, the Islamofascist immigrants need to be taught, why do they want to come here? Why do they want to go to Australia? What’s the point? Our culture’s not like theirs at all, especially the radical Islamists. They need to be reminded that the comfortable lifestyle, the ample freedom in choices, the high standard of living, freedom of speech, and all the other freedoms, particularly freedoms for women in secular Western society are directly related to the Judeo-Christian tradition.

What the Islamic world has given us is theocracies, convert-or-die choices, and laws about stoning women and honor killings and so forth, stoning rape victims. They treat women as genuine second-class citizens. They are truly anti-Semitic and the same thing is happening in our country here, although we don’t have a citizenship test. So the question arises, why do they want to come here? So the reason I’m going through this, Marilyn, is that we shouldn’t be afraid to elect a president — male, female, black, white, whatever — on the basis of what our enemies are going to think of it. If we get to the point that we think we are going to buy goodwill by not electing a woman because they have biases against women… you could ask the same question, well, how effective could Condoleezza Rice be as secretary of state having to flit around all over there dealing with these people. At that level, the diplomatic level, it is what it is. She hasn’t had any of those kinds of problems. But the minute we start trying to decide, no, this person is not good because it’s just going to enflame our enemy — come on, folks, that’s once again acting defensive and letting the people who essentially, in that part of the world, are our enemies dictate to us what we’re going to do to not offend them? I’m, frankly, fed up with it. Don’t offend them?

We’ve identified I think two, maybe all three, of those captured soldiers. They were tortured. They were shot in the head. They were murdered. I wonder how Senator McCain feels today and all the people like Dick Durbin and Ted Kennedy who are running around saying that we put underwear on the heads of people at Abu Ghraib and made them sit in pyramids when we’re only going to wreak havoc on ourselves, why, we can’t do that kind of thing. If we straighten up and fly right, if we put them in Club Gitmo with prayer rugs and five free meals a day and five prayer sessions and all this, and the best health care they can get in the world, they will treat our people well. It is time to wake up and understand what we’re facing. It’s time to answer this question, why in the world would these people want to come someplace with a culture so vibrantly different than theirs, if not to change ours? So as to this question of women, I think Marilyn was trying to be a little rhetorical, perhaps a little humorous with the question. I’m not going to let the rest of the world dictate to me who would be the best candidate here, male, female, whatever it is, just because it might offend them.

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