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Rush’s Morning Update: Accountability!
May 24, 2007

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The Government Accountability Office – yes, there is such a thing – has weighed in on the price of gasoline. They’ve determined that higher gas prices this year have cost you an extra $20 billion.

In testimony to the House of Representatives, the GAO’s Thomas McCool said: “Spending billions more on gasoline constrains consumers’ budgets, leaving less money available for other purchases.” Well, I’ll be! Mr. McCool laid some of the blame on oil industry mergers. He said such mergers “further increase market concentration nationwide since there are now fewer oil companies.” That’s right; Big Oil is to blame.

Since the GAO is in a reporting mood – how about a report on what gasoline taxes have cost consumers this year? Lots of billions there…that constrained our budgets, leaving less money available for other purchases.

And what about report on how much the environmentalist wackos – and their liberal poodles in Congress – cost us this year? By constraining us from drilling our own oil, and making it impossible to build new refineries. If not for these liberals, how many more billions would consumers have available for other purchases?

And speaking of “market concentration” – maybe we need a Government UNaccountability Office to look at big, unaccountable government!

Folks, with their $3 trillion budget proposal, why haven’t Democrats proposed chopping a mere $20 billion to return to us – to offset the rising cost of gasoline? We could all use that money in our budgets. For – other purchases.

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