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RUSH: There’s a story on the Reuters wire from yesterday that I have to share with you. This is their wire service. That’s part of what’s frustrating. This won’t show up in the newspapers. This is not going to show up on your cable channels. This will not be featured as something that enraged senators speak about on the floor of the United States Senate. The headline, little slug line here is, ‘Boy Among Five Tortured in Iraq — US military.’ I saw the headline, I said, ‘Oh, no, don’t tell me we got another one of these things where the US military is in there torturing kids. It’s clearly the intent of the headline. What the headline ought to say is this: ‘Boy Among Five Tortured in Iraq Not by US military.’ Here’s the story.

‘The U.S. military said on Monday it had found five Iraqis, including a boy, who had been kidnapped and tortured by militants the captives described as foreign fighters.’ How about terrorists? But Reuters can’t use the word terrorists. It’s not in their stylebook. They’re not allowed to use the word terrorists. ‘The four unidentified men and the boy were found during raids against an al Qaeda network in Garma, about 30 km (20 miles) west of Baghdad in Anbar province, a Sunni Arab insurgency stronghold. They were found inside a padlocked room and had been beaten with chains, cables and hoses, the U.S military said in a statement. ‘The boy stated the terrorists had hooked electrical wires to his tongue and shocked him,’ it said. It did not give the boy’s age. ‘The hostages indicated their captors were foreign fighters who spoke with different accents.’ All five were from different tribes, the military said, but no other details were available. They would receive medical treatment and then be handed over to tribal leaders.’

Now, when you hear this story, I don’t know what your reaction to it is. Mine’s a little bit of a slow burn. You remember when Abu Ghraib hit and then Club Gitmo? By the way, speaking of Club Gitmo, this sicko himself, this Michael Moore, there’s something not right about the guy, and I’m getting fed up, by the way, with every time this guy waddles onto the stage at the Cannes film festival, whatever crap that he produces, guaranteed to be anti-American and anti-capitalist, gets the biggest rounds of applause from those phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock-‘n’-roller movie people over there, and it frosts me. This new movie Sicko, it’s getting rave reviews, ‘Oh how wonderful it is.’ It’s an exposé of the horrible aspects of the American health care system. You live longer in Canada, longer in Great Britain, and the Cuban health care system is far better than ours. It’s what I mean about these leftists no longer trying to hide their love and devotion to communists and dictators. They openly covet public recognition by these dictators.

Anyway, as part of his scam here to make his movie, Moore got a on a boat and had some victims, rescue workers from 9/11 who were upset with the health care they got in the United States, tried to get in to Club Gitmo. Now, why did they try to get in to Club Gitmo? Well, according to Michael Moore they tried to get in at Club Gitmo because the health care at Club Gitmo for our prisoners, the Al-Qaeda prisoners, is the best anywhere can be found. I looked at that, and I said, ‘Whoa. I thought we were mistreating all these people, like putting underwear on their heads at Abu Ghraib and putting leashes around their necks. Why, I always thought that we were the worst examples of civilized human beings on the face of the earth.’ I’ve heard that from Ted Kennedy, I have heard this from the left-wing media sites that are plugged, paid for, and sponsored by the Democrat Party. I’ve heard it from Dick Durbin, who compared our people to Nazis and Pol Pot types, and Soviet gulags. I’ve heard it from Ted Kennedy. I have seen Ted Kennedy and his fellow Democrats conduct inquisitions of US military personnel on how we are treating our prisoners of war. We were told that we were the absolute scum of the earth.

Now, it was always purely political, always. It’s just like global warming is. We didn’t hear about any torture, we didn’t hear about any undue behavior on the part of US troops when we were in Bosnia under the Clinton administration. It frosts the hell out of me that virtually everything that happens during a Republican administration has a political component. The Democrat Party gets the ball rolling and their accomplices in the Drive-By Media then start amplifying the whole thing. They end up portraying this country as the worst collection of human beings on the face of the earth. Then you read a story like this where you’ve got these Al-Qaeda militants who are hooking up electrodes to the tongue of a boy and shocking him as far as torture and we don’t hear a damn word about it from any of the people who want to tear this country apart and tear this country down. Ted Kennedy hasn’t said a word about it, and he won’t. Dick Durbin hasn’t said a word about it, and he won’t. Nancy Pelosi hasn’t said a word about it, and she won’t. The Drive-By Media will not pick this story up, they will not talk about it because it doesn’t fit the action line. It doesn’t fit the template.

Look at the way we treat kids. We coddle our damn kids so much we’re at risk of not having them grow up. You can’t go within ten miles of a school if you have a slingshot in your back pocket. You can’t get on a school bus if you have a little can of bug spray. If you are a kid, you can’t take a Barbie doll into school. We’re protecting our own kids here, we’re babying them to the point that they’re not going to have any idea what real life is all about. Meanwhile, we hear about this circumstance in Baghdad, and we don’t hear a word about what a rotten collection of reprobates and barbarians and seventh century derelicts these Muslim terrorists are. We’re not even allowed to say that about them, because if we do say that about them, some interest group in this country is going to come along and try to shut us down because it’s offensive. In the meantime, the movers and shakers of this — and this is present in the immigration debate, too. We’re apologizing to them, we’re apologizing to the illegals. We’re acting like we’re the criminals. We’re acting like we’ve done something wrong. We’re begging them to forgive us, and I hear Ted Kennedy talk about how, ‘Well, we need to have them be able to come out of the shadows.’ They’re out of the shadows. They’re giving interviews, senator! They’re not afraid at all of being identified. When they come out of the shadows and give these interviews, they talk about how unfair this country is to them. It’s just one of these circumstances, situations, and there are many of them where everything’s upside down, everything is 180 degrees out of phase. It really makes no sense.

The left in this country, the Democrat Party, the Drive-By Media are all joined at the hip in trying to convince as many people of this country that we suck. This is the worst example of humanity and civilization on the planet today. When real examples of depravity and torture occur as committed by our enemy, we don’t hear a word about it. We don’t hear one condemnation. We don’t hear Senator Kennedy getting on the phone, getting on the Senate floor, or Durbin, speaking to they don’t ever, bin Laden or Mookie al-Sadr and demanding that this stuff cease. No, they blame Bush for it. They blame Bush for going in there in the first place. They even go so far as to say, ‘Well, we understand these people’s behavior, we invaded their country, we had no reason, it has nothing to do with 9/11. Of course they’re acting this way. We must learn who these people are so we don’t offend them any further.’ It makes me want to throw up. All because I happened to see this story about a kid tortured with electrodes attached to the tongue, and I know damn well I’m not going to hear about it anywhere else. Even if I do, I won’t hear any outrage expressed over it. In the meantime, a slug and dishonest movie maker is over getting more accolades for an attack on his own country by a bunch of people who wouldn’t know what this country is really all about. In fact, most of the people over there wouldn’t be who they are if it weren’t for this country. They wouldn’t have the prosperity and the wealth they have if it weren’t for this country.


RUSH: Folks, it boils down to this. Your friends in the Democrat Party and your friends in the Drive-By Media and your friends on the left do not believe in the concept of American exceptionalism. They believe in a deeply flawed and corrupt, unjust, illegitimate America, and they are heading about their way to make it that way in their image, or actually I should better say, they’re gonna take what they see as this corruption and the illegitimacy of our society and all this, and they’re going to get rid of it in their own way, and they’re going to try to clean it up. It will not have anything to do with American exceptionalism whatsoever. It’s about squelching freedom; it’s about raising taxes; it’s about growing government; it’s about empowering themselves. How anybody with an honest view of history, how anybody with an ability to honestly assess the country as it is today, and then compare it to any other country in the world, cannot conclude that there is the concept of American exceptionalism is beyond me. You have to dislike the whole notion of American exceptionalism, because it’s unavoidable. You can’t miss it. It is as plain as the sky is blue when there aren’t any clouds up there. That alone irritates them, the fact that we are exceptional because they think we are unjust and illegitimate and all this. Burns me up.


RUSH: This is Brian in Wayne, Ohio. You’re next, sir. Nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, I’m talking about something totally different. I am so upset about these Michael Moores and everything. I believe that if Hitler was alive today, that the left would be worshiping the ground he walks on.

RUSH: What, are you trying to get highlighted in the Media Matters website?

CALLER: No, Rush, I’m not. This has gotten so flustered, when I hear the Michael Moore garbage and the propaganda crap that he just spews constantly, this is going to be the downfall of America. I mean, guys like him, to go around saying that Cuba — if it’s so great, why don’t they all just flock down there and live down there? Because I’m fed up with it. I mean it’s just pathetic.

RUSH: Well, I referenced this earlier in the program. Doesn’t sound like you heard it because had you heard what I said —

CALLER: I didn’t. Sorry.

RUSH: — you would have calmed down by now.

CALLER: I — (Laughing.)

RUSH: (Laughing.) You know, some people say, ‘Why do you get so upset with Michael Moore? You can’t do anything about him anyway.’ But that’s wrong because we might have a little impact on how people react to him in this country. He’s a bloated bigot walking around Cannes being celebrated and cheered by a bunch of ingrates who, were it not for the United States of America, wouldn’t be where they are in the movie business, wouldn’t have the wealth and the prosperity or the opportunities that they have. Here’s the thing about this that is fascinating to me. Folks, this is crucial. I don’t know how much you’ve heard about his new movie over there that’s being heralded as this great exposé of the US health care system. That’s why it’s being applauded, because that group over in Cannes does hate this country, and that’s why he’s a hero; that’s why they love this guy. He goes waddling down the street; he’s a rock star over there. This movie is all about how he had some 9/11 victims or rescuers that couldn’t get health care supposedly in this country and he tried to get into Club Gitmo. Now, Club Gitmo. What is Club Gitmo? Club Gitmo, the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, that’s where we are torturing prisoners; and that’s where we are flushing Korans down the toilet; and this is where we’re just being mean and despicable; we’re waterboarding these people. It’s where Dick Durbin said that these people that are running Club Gitmo are no different than Soviet gulags or Pol Pot’s clowns or even the Nazis. And yet Michael Moore in his movie said, ‘I wanted to get the sick people to Club Gitmo because the health care there is better than anywhere else.’ Whoa. Wait. How can a country that supposedly tortures its prisoners be offering them the best health care in the world?

Anyway, they wouldn’t let him in there, so he went to Havana for the second best health care in the world, which is an insult to everybody’s intelligence. Not even Castro could survive with Cuban doctors. They had to bring a doctor over from Spain to do the second emergency surgery on Castro to save his life. The first bunch botched it and he’s got access to the best. So Moore has cooked his own goose here. These people are not going to have the brains to understand, Club Gitmo, best health care? Wait a second, how can that be, if we’re such a rotten bunch of torturers and so forth, Abu Ghraib and all that. But, look, there’s a vibrant hate-America industry out there, and here’s something, as I pointed out earlier out there, Brian, and this is key, too. For all these years, Hollywood types wailed and moaned and cried and claimed it was unfair that they were blacklisted for having ties with the Communist Party or the workers party America, whatever, they did their best to hide it. It was an embarrassment. It was an embarrassment, McCarthyism, it was an embarrassment. It could kill your career if it were learned that you were a commie sympathizer.

Now, they openly embrace communism. Gorbachev is one of the stars of Leo DiCaprio’s latest movement, and Gorbachev is out there talking about how average people are destroying the earth and corrupting our ecosystem and so forth. He doesn’t talk about how many tens of millions were murdered by his predecessors in the Soviet Union and all of the corruption and planetary destruction that took place in the Soviet bloc during all those years of Soviet communism. Doesn’t talk about that. No, no. Now Danny Glover down there taking $20 million from Hugo Chavez to make a movie. They’re openly embracing communism. The hate-America crowd is alive and well. They no longer fear having to hide their ties to communists or thugs, dictators, tyrants, or what have you. What they don’t know is that they are slitting their throats. They are slitting their throats politically. This is all going to come back and bite. I don’t know when. But with the Democrats owning defeat in Iraq, and trying to secure it, the Democrats doing everything they can to make us lose and unable to pull it off, by the way, and now Nancy Pelosi is saying this immigration bill is going nowhere in the House unless I can get 70 Republican votes. She doesn’t need one Republican vote for it to pass in the House. If she can keep all the Democrats together — which she can’t — but if she could she wouldn’t need one Republican vote, but she’s not going to move it forward unless she’s got 70 Republican votes, what does that tell you? It tells you they know they’ve got a bad bill, and they want to hang this around the necks of the Republicans.

They want the American people mad at Republicans over this. They would love to make Bush surrender in Iraq, but I got a dirty little secret for all you liberal Democrats out there tuning in for the first time today. I will guarantee you that if the Democrats win the White House in ’08, they’re not getting us out of Iraq. They will not do it. They will not secure defeat while they are responsible for it. They will not do it. I hope all you people on their kook fringe left-wing websites out there understand this, because you are in for a world of disappointment. If you think you’ve been mad up to now over their lack of promise keeping and getting us out of Iraq, you wait ’til you win the White House. You don’t know what anger is. So all this stuff, in time, because the American people are not idiots, and they are paying attention to this, the American people still love their country, and they are going to be making these people who are not standing up for the country pay a price for it.

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