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RUSH: A couple quick questions. Think about this, now, folks. Two rhetorical questions. Actually not rhetorical. I mean you could try to answer them seriously. I asked the staff here in a little test, and they actually started trying to answer these things seriously, which cracked me up, because the question needs no answer. The question is this: ‘Why is it okay for agriculture and other businesses to have cheap labor and even support illegal immigration to get it, when it’s not okay for Wal-Mart to have cheap labor?’ The same people that tell us we gotta have this cheap labor, it’s the only thing that’s going to keep America great, the same people targeting Wal-Mart for destruction because they don’t pay enough, their health care benefits are not high enough. What’s the difference? If cheap labor is the key to our continued greatness and growth and prosperity, then why harp on Wal-Mart? Another question: ‘Have you ever noticed that there was no global warming crisis when Bill Clinton was president?’ Now, seriously. Oh, there was, I mean we still had the activists out there, and they were on television, they were making noise about it, but from the highest levels of government, from all of these governors, there was no pressure ever applied to the Clinton administration to do anything about it.

Have you noticed that during the nineties there was no doom and gloom? We were not treated to a daily dose of apocalyptic news stories. We were not told that the earth was ending, the polar bears were not stranded on melting glaciers, all of these lies — were not there. It did not happen. There was some talk about it, but the EPA under Clinton didn’t regulate carbon emissions. There was no talk about polar bears and the rest. So it leads me to conclude that, as far as the Democrats are concerned, they want people to think global warming is a Republican policy. I’m illustrating in this fashion to try to drill home the point that global warming is every bit as much a political issue as anything else is to the liberals. It’s not a science issue. You cannot have science if the word consensus is anywhere in the deal. ‘Consensus of scientists say…’ Science is not up for a vote, as we’ve mentioned time and time again. Had there been this crisis of global warming when Clinton was president, Gore was vice president, they would have actually done something to stop it, right? Just trying to get you to think about these things in different ways.

Another thing, the Democrats — and this latest stunt by Pelosi, saying that the immigration bill, she’s not going to move it forward in the House unless she gets 70 Republican votes. She doesn’t need 70 Republican votes for it to pass, folks, she needs five — actually, she doesn’t need any Republican votes if she can keep her own party in line. She’s not going to be able to because all those new conservative Democrats that were elected last November, they’re not going to, so she needs 70 Republican votes. The Democrats want Bush to surrender in Iraq. The Democrats want Bush to sign this immigration bill rather than wait for Hillary’s coronation and get total credit for passing it. If they really believe in this, wait. If this is such a great bill, wait, put it off ’til Mrs. Bill Clinton is in the Oval Office and get total credit for this great piece of legislation. What does it tell you about what they really believe? We hear all these terms about, ‘The will of the people spoke back there in November in those elections, they want us out of Iraq.’ They can’t get the votes to get us out of Iraq. They would have them if the will of the people was as they say.


RUSH: Here’s Dave, Dave in Indianapolis, Dave, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Giga dittos from Indianapolis, home of the 500 and the world champion Colts.

RUSH: Yes, sir. And I saw something you’d be interested in. Peyton Manning showed up for recent mini-camp for the Indianapolis Colts and found out that three veterans didn’t show up, and he went to the coach, Tony Dungy, ‘You give me their names and numbers,’ and he called them and two of them showed up, and this is considered to be a good sign he’s still hungry, that one Super Bowl wasn’t enough.

CALLER: He will have many more in his time before he retires.

RUSH: I think that’s probably true.

CALLER: I just called about a couple of things. The first thing is that in Indiana, when we call our Senators Lugar and Bayh, they don’t seem to either answer the phone or they’ll hang up on you if you want to talk about the immigration issue. They won’t talk to us about it.

RUSH: They’re being inundated, that’s why. They don’t have anything to tell you.

CALLER: Exactly. The other thing is that Mike Pence was on the Garrison program here in Indianapolis today, and said according to what he has been able to discern is the fact that illegal immigrants do not have to pay, do not have to go back to Mexico, only if they apply for citizenship. If they don’t apply for citizenship, they could stay as long as they want.

RUSH: Right. And see, that’s what I was telling you on Friday, this whole discussion of citizenship is a ruse. Once this law, if it were to be signed into law, is signed into law, they are legal.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: The word here is legal. Citizenship is being used to distract people. But you’re right. They don’t have to go home if they don’t want citizenship.

CALLER: And there’s no assimilation required to be a part of the American public, so —

RUSH: No. Nope. You’re exactly right about that. No assimilation. It’s not the point. Should be, but it isn’t. Frank, Carlsbad, California, you’re next, sir, nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’d like to make a couple of points on the immigration bill.

RUSH: I’m listening.

CALLER: Number one there’s no talk about economic cycles. This country does have recessions from time to time. In this bill there’s no provision to cut back on guest workers —

RUSH: Well, we only have recessions during Republican administrations, and there’s not going to be another one of those —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — in our lifetimes.

CALLER: But that has to be considered. Another thing: There’s an assumption that Latino Americans back amnesty, and the negative impact of illegal immigration falls directly on the Latino community. I think a good many — maybe even the majority of Latinos — probably would be opposed to amnesty as long as the immigration laws were enforced equally, for all groups, and —

RUSH: Why, because you think they want to avoid be being stigmatized with the illegal — you’re talking about the ones that apply for citizenship here legally?

CALLER: Well, competition for jobs, high housing costs —

RUSH: Well, but — no, no, no, no, no. See, the Latinos here legally, they’re not doing jobs the American people won’t to do.

CALLER: No, legal Latinos are probably opposed amnesty. Finally, I’d like to comment on the Z visa plan. According to the Z visa there’s really nothing that would prevent companies from laying off their American workforce and hiring Z visa holders like the coal minors in Kentucky. They could all be laid off, and the new guest workers could be employed in the coal mines, you know, what would Senator McConnell think about that? I mean, he has to consider his own workers. And finally, one more point. Illegal or amnesty labor is not really cheap when you consider the ancillary costs, the health care, education, it’s really expensive.

RUSH: But see, but see, that’s paid for by us.

CALLER: Exactly. It comes out of our pocket.

RUSH: I know it’s not cheap. That’s why this is a redistribution of wealth program.

CALLER: Two and a half trillion dollars is the long term cost. Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: It’s exactly right. All right, I don’t know if John Sweeney and the boys would sit by and let the coal minors just be sent back to the log cabin and replaced by the illegals, and we’re going to reach a point where the illegals are going to refuse to do certain work, too, you talking about cycles. Wait ’til that happens, wait ’til we get protests from the illegals demanding better jobs. (Laughing.) So then the Democrats, ‘Okay, they’re refusing to work and we need cheap labor. So release the felons from jail and hire them and we’ll deal with the illegals later on.’ Tom in Rapids City, South Dakota, you are up next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. You’re a true patriot.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I was just going to mention that Kennedy and Bush are throwing a complete sham over on the American people with this immigration bill. I mean bringing La Raza into the meetings? It’s just like back in ’86, the Border Patrol said the influx of immigrants was tenfold when the word amnesty was brought up. Now again, the word amnesty is brought up — this bill is not going to be passed, and they know it. Nothing is going to be done with the border, and same old same old.

RUSH: Something’s going to happen, I guarantee you. Something is going to happen somewhere down the line. Maybe this bill may not pass, but something, this is a situation that — actually, the status quo is better than the bill that is being offered today. But at some point this is going to have to be fixed and the area that’s going to have to be fixed is border security and to stop this influx coming in. You’ve got all kinds of political pressure even against that. So, I don’t know, but don’t cave on this and don’t give up on it out there. This is what life is about here. There are powerful forces on both sides of this trying to accomplish things, and the people on the left are trying to destroy the traditions, institutions, as many of them as they can that have made the country great and they want to rebuild the country in their own image, and since we have freedom, they’re free to try, but they don’t get a free pass. We oppose them, and we educate as many people as possible and understand exactly what they’re doing, and they are used to getting away without that kind of scrutiny because they have their little monopoly with their buddies in the Drive-By Media. They don’t have that now and it’s part of the reason for their rage, hatred, and all this.

Look, all this stuff is out there. It’s clearly visible. I don’t mind pointing it out each and every day, but it’s so obvious what’s happening. It’s like the global warming bill, the global warming issue. It was never a problem when we had a Democrat in the White House. Do you realize, it’s never a problem. Never a crisis. Yeah, you had the activists and the scientists out there wailing and moaning about it, but you didn’t have this degree of urgency, fatalism, the Earth is going to end, the polar bears are dying. This is such typical liberal tactical behavior. It’s a campaign issue. I guess Clinton and Gore were in the White House for all these years, we had all these years to start doing something about the carbon footprint. Gore didn’t talk about reducing carbon emissions. They weren’t talking about all the dangerous, destructive hurricanes. Whenever we had these weather irregularities, we didn’t have governments and governors and so forth going bonkers over, ‘Well, we’re not doing enough, we’ve gotta do more.’ The world not mobilized on this, well, some of the world was, the European socialist community was. They had their little meetings down in Rio and so forth, but the Clinton administration didn’t do diddly-squat. Global warming is a Republican policy. This is the thing that gets conveyed, is that somehow Republicans are responsible for this, Republican behavior, the Bush administration not taking it seriously, Bush administration won’t fix it, blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s nothing but a pure political issue. There’s no genuine science here. Our climate is too complex for any modeling to get any kind of a handle on it. The vanity that we have, to think that the way we live our lives, by trying to improve our lives, improve our standard of living is destroying the planet is absolute bunk.

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