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“If the immigration bill goes through, we’re doomed in ’08. This will be the last straw for the GOP base as far as trusting the Republicans it elects.”

“I remember telling you this in the early to mid-nineties, Bill Clinton is the kind of guy that you probably would love to go to a ball game with, chase women afterwards, and have a great time.”

“What am I supposed to do, folks, when Bill Clinton comes to my table? Am I supposed to stand up and leave? Am I supposed to turn my back? What am I supposed to do? I’m not that kind of person. You people need to relax out there, some of you.”

“This show is zipping by. They all do, but this one, wow!”

“If I were a Big Oil CEO, I would call members of the government up, and I would conduct hearings and I would ask them, ‘Why is it you are making it so hard for us to do business? You won’t let us drill. You will not let us build any new refineries. You will not let us do one thing to expand our operations in your country, and you turn around, you’re blaming us for gouging customers!'”

“I almost wish we would hire Tony Blair as our spokesman on this stuff, because it was really, really well done.”

“Burger King wants to kill its customers, folks. It’s serving trans-fat. They want their customers to die! Big Tobacco wants their customers to die. Every corporation does. Wal-Mart? They hope that something happens to you that you die, too. That’s what we’re being told. It’s absolutely absurd.”

“I don’t believe life is to be suffered. I don’t believe that’s the intention of life, or the intention of creation.”

“I’m not basing my position on this immigration bill on any cultural examination of Mexicans. Look, who is it that really wants this to happen? It’s the Democrats. Now, why? What is their possible interest in it? The Republican interest is based on the desire for them to have cheap labor.”

“The Democrats think every election is stolen from them when they lose it. The Democrats lose elections? Why, that doesn’t compute!”

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