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RUSH: If you’ll permit me a personal little story here. As you people know we celebrate entrepreneurship on this program and I have a friend who had an idea. It’s a little sauce. Sauce is not the word for it. It’s a marinade you put in bloody Marys and that sort of thing. It’s called Dr. Tillitsuits. The name is just cute — Dr. Tillitsuits, T-i-l-l-i-t-s-u-i-t-s, Dr. Tillitsuits. It comes in bottles about, oh, six, seven inches high. After playing golf with the guy, he was very proud of this, very excited. He said, ‘You gotta come over. I gotta fix you a bloody Mary.’

I said, ‘Well, it’s still early in the afternoon.’

‘How about a virgin?’

So I went over to his place, went up to his apartment, and he made me this Virgin Mary with this Dr. Tillitsuits stuff. It was delicious.

I said, ‘Are you going to sell this? How are you going to get it out there?’

‘Well, we’re working on getting it in some stores and so forth.’

He finally told me the other day that he got it on the shelf at Williams-Sonoma. (interruption) Pardon? It is impressive! Williams-Sonoma is a huge retailer. They have catalogs and so forth. It’s just a heartwarming story. What this stuff is, he markets it as a culinary cure. It’s a great marinade for meats and chicken, and it enhances recipes. You could use it with crab cakes or chicken, shrimp, lobster, salad, whatever, soups, stews, sauces. It makes salsa better, gazpacho better, and this guy is a cook. He’s in the hospitality business, so he’s a superb cook. When I have him over for dinner, when I have a bunch of people over, when he’s there, he always makes the Caesar salad at table. So he’s got this stuff bottled and it’s on the shelves at Williams-Sonoma. Its primary purpose, you can use it in all these things I mentioned, but it’s really great in bloody Marys. You make your bloody Mary however you make it, and you start adding Dr. Tillitsuits. The idea is, just use it and use it and use it. I just wanted to mention this, because it’s entrepreneurial and it’s clever, and it’s no mean feat to start from scratch and get something on the shelves at Williams-Sonoma.

‘It makes your recipes come alive,’ is the line that I would attach to it.

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