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RUSH: Yes, yes, yes, we’ve got the audio coming up of Barack Obama yesterday on the campaign trail. He was in Richmond, Virginia and he overstated by a factor of one thousand — (laughing) — the number of deaths from the tornado in Greenberg, Kansas. They’re saying he’s just tired. He’s just tired out there, a little fatigued, and they corrected it. The most interesting thing I can’t show you because it’s on the video. The most interesting thing about Obama saying that 10,000 people died when an entire town was destroyed is that some of the nimrods in the audience are nodding in agreement. I saw that and I just shook my head. I guess we’re just going to have to accept a certain level of ignorance in this country, particularly among people on the left. It’s like that poll, 35% of Democrats think that Bush knew about 9/11. How in the world do you possibly understand that in a country like this?


RUSH: In Richmond, Virginia, the Democratic presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, is caught up in a fervor of a campaign speech — part of a campaign speech that he gave Tuesday — and he drastically overstated the death toll in the Kansas tornadoes. He said that ten thousand had died. Here’s how that sounded. Again, yesterday, Richmond.

OBAMA: In case you missed it, this week, this week there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died, an entire town destroyed!

RUSH: Ten people died, maybe 12 people died, almost a factor of one thousand he missed this by. But, as I say, I’ve watched the video of this, and there are people in the audience nodding their heads. The AP: ‘Barack Obama, caught up in the fervor of a campaign speech…’ So they’re already setting the table for his being excused for this. But if George W. Bush or any Republican candidate had said this, it would have been run on the news every hour for a month, folks. But beyond that — because we all know that; we all know that if a Republican or Bush had made this comment, it would be all we’d ever be hearing about — what this also illustrates is the never-ending tactic of all these Democrats to politicize everything. I predicted this was going to happen. They’re going to blame Bush for this, blame Bush for that. Bush is being blamed for a slow response. We’re going to nail Kathleen Sebelius on that later.

At the Indiana University dental school, a bunch of people were caught cheating in the final exam or some sort of test, and they’re blaming Bush for it because he set the table here for lying and deceit and cheating about weapons of mass destruction. Bush is being blamed for that! Here you politicize this disaster, just like they politicized Hurricane Katrina. How many people actually think — that heard Barack, think — that 10,000 people died in the hurricane? Then you add what Kathleen Sebelius, the governor of Kansas, is doing to this, ‘Well, we don’t have any help here. All our National Guard is over in Iraq chasing weapons of mass destruction that don’t exist and terrorists that don’t exist.’ All of this happy horse manure, when in fact it turns out the White House called her and asked if she needed anything, and she said she didn’t.

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