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RUSH: The Drive-By Media still in shock, ladies and gentlemen, over the results in France, and what they’re really in shock about is how the women of France came out in record numbers opposed to Ségolène Royal. And, of course, the Clinton camp, Clinton, Inc., put out a story out there saying, ‘Well, there’s really no similarity here. Ségolène Royal is not really a woman of substance.’ Not a woman of substance? As though Mrs. Clinton is? She’s a socialist; she’s a liberal, and that’s supposedly what France loved and wanted more of. That’s a little defensive to me, for the Clinton camp to come out there, ‘Well, you can’t make any comparison with Ségolène Royal.’ It’s amazing. I’ve also got a story in the stack here, I’ve gotta get to this. The new president of Colombia was in Washington Sunday. The Democrats totally dissed him, just 100 percent dissed the guy. He’s restored democracy and freedom to Colombia, wrested control from the drug traffickers and the drug manufacturers down there. They don’t even hide it anymore, they don’t even hide the fact of their love and respect for dictators and socialists and so forth and a free market guy comes along and they totally disrespected the guy. I’ll get to that before the program ends. Here’s Mara Liasson on the Fox Special Report with Brit Hume last night during the roundtable on the Fox show. He said to her, ‘Are you surprised that presidential candidate Ségolène Royal did not carry the female vote?’

LIASSON: I don’t understand that. Why she didn’t carry the female vote, I don’t quite understand that. I would expect if there was male chauvinism in France, it would have been the opposite, that she wouldn’t have done well among men. But she apparently did better than even she had expected. But, yeah, I don’t understand why she didn’t carry the female vote.

RUSH: Could it be, Mara, that you don’t have the slightest clue what was really going on in France? Could it possibly be you don’t have the slightest idea what was going on? What is this male chauvinism? Why does that get thrown in here for? ‘I would expect if there’s male chauvinism in France it would have been the opposite.’ In the liberal world, male existence is chauvinism, and then Gwen Ifill was talking with Margaret Warner, Gwen Ifill was filling in for Jim Lehrer, and Ifill says to Margaret Warner, ‘Well, he also won women voters actually, considering the fact he was running against a very high-profile woman.’

WARNER: Yes, he did. He won women — in the end, she — she played the women card a little more, and the French were actually very excited that — that here was this ground-breaking event, that a woman had a serious shot at the presidency. But in all the polling what — what seemed to have happened is a majority of voters thought, one, she just wasn’t really ready, and, two, they really voted for his brand of change.

RUSH: Hmm. That’s not sitting well with them out there, regardless how they analyze it, but we know the real problem. Ségolène Royal did not do enough to relate to all the different populations, dialects and so forth in France that Mrs. Clinton has perfected here.

(Playing of Mrs. Bill Clinton dialect system spoof.)

(Playing of Coal Miner’s Daughter spoof song.)

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