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RUSH: Here’s Laurie in Detroit. Laurie, you’re next. It’s Open Line Friday. It’s great to have you with us.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: Rush, I’m in full panic mode here.

RUSH: Why?

CALLER: I’ve heard three times today a disclaimer on WJR 760 Detroit that the views and opinions of WJR 760, blah, blah, blah, blah. What’s going on? What’s going on here? Are they trying to take you off 760? If they do, I’ll never listen again.

RUSH: Well, no, no. If they are, it won’t happen ’til after next Thursday, because I’ve got a personal appearance there at the Novi Center that’s sold out. So they’re not going to do that.

CALLER: It’s censorship.

RUSH: No, they’re not censoring anything. They’re just saying in their disclaimer, that whatever I say, they don’t agree with.

CALLER: Yeah, but why all of a sudden? Why all the sudden? I’ve been listening for two years. I’m the one who called about the gas rebates, and I’ve been listening for two years. I’ve been converted to conservative views, so I’ve been listening to you, and if I don’t get my Rush, I will be cranky.

RUSH: You will.

CALLER: I won’t!

RUSH: No, you will get your Rush.

CALLER: Oh, okay.

RUSH: You might be cranky, but you will get your Rush.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, I hope so.

RUSH: Don’t worry about this. I don’t know what’s behind this, but —

CALLER: Something’s going on, though.

RUSH: This happened when the program first started. When the program first started back in 1988, we started with 56 little radio stations and WABC in New York, and it just grew rapidly and, you know, it was controversial in its day. I did the disclaimer myself as a means of protecting the radio station: ‘The views expressed by the host in this show are not necessarily those of the staff, management nor sponsors of this station,’ and nobody’s felt the need to exclaim the show until recently. WJR started today. We got a phone call earlier from a guy who couldn’t go on the air but said he had heard it like you did, but beyond that I don’t know what it’s about. But don’t sweat it. Everything’s cool.

CALLER: If I can’t get my Rush weekly, I will be a mess.

RUSH: You will get it. I mean, if the worst possible thing happened —


RUSH: — you would still be able to get it on the Internet.


RUSH: Yes. Yes, there’s always an answer, and there will always be Rush. Always.

CALLER: Okay. We love you, Rush.

RUSH: And I love you, too.

CALLER: Okay. Bye.

RUSH: Appreciate your concern, but please, do not be worried about this. Everything is fine. As long as they make it known up there that whatever I say they don’t agree with, then everything will be cool, and nothing will happen.

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