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RUSH: I went to a new restaurant in New York last night. I had dinner at a place called the Kobe Club, and it’s one of Jeffrey Chodorow’s restaurants, like China Grill. He did that TV show with Rocco DiSpirito. This is all Kobe and Wagyu beef. It’s a steakhouse but it’s not like any other steakhouse you’ve been to. You mix and match all the different cuts and the sauces. It was just indescribably good. I had a great, great time in there. I’d been in there about an hour, and this giant entourage of people… (interruption)
What are you complaining about now, Snerdley?
The show started! (interruption)

No, I went off the diet. I’ve been doing that. I go off the diet for a day, and back on it for five or six. I have a lot of social stuff I gotta take care of. Everything is cool. In fact, I’ve lost a couple more pounds. I don’t know how it’s working, but it is. Anyway, I’ve been in there about an hour, and this giant entourage of people comes in, and among the entourage is one of the judges of American Idol. Randy Jackson was in there. They were seated, and then the waitress came over and said, ‘The guy in the cowboy hat over there would like to buy you an adult beverage.’

I looked and said, ‘Who is it?’

She said, ‘Big Rich.’

‘Big Rich? I don’t know any Big Rich.’

Well, it turned out it was John Rich of Big & Rich, the country crooners. It turns out he is a big fan. So I just had a good time.

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