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RUSH: By the way, it’s a great day for the Democrats and the Drive-By Media. Here’s the headline: ‘Economic growth has worst performance in four years, at 1.3% in first three months of 2007; experts blame housing slump.’ Oh, right after the Dow hits 13,000 and unemployment numbers were at a two-month low yesterday, it was down-in-the-dumps time for the Drive-Bys and the Democrats. But now, ladies and gentlemen, they can celebrate the economy. Economic growth can be reported as in the tank. I will note, ladies and gentlemen — as no one else will — that this is the first time we’ve had a Democrat Congress in four years. This is just a little sample of what you can expect if these guys take power and keep it. More economic slumps!

Tax increases will lead to slumps, by the way. Democrats last night kept talking at their press conference about how the American people ‘spoke in 2006,’ but what did they speak about? The Democrats ran on a slogan of ‘culture of corruption.’ Let’s be honest. The Democrats won the Senate with one word: ‘Macaca.’ They won the House with one dirty trick, the Foley ‘scandal.’ I’m here to tell you that Macaca and Foley are not an Iraq message or a tax increase message or a universal health care message. Now they’re getting away with all of the reestablishing of these ‘mandates’ that they supposedly claimed from the election results, and it was on parade last night. For example, when Iraq came up, all these candidates sincerely wanted to follow the will of the American people. When partial-birth abortion came up, they sincerely didn‘t want to follow the will of the American people. They selectively follow the will of the American people. They sometimes even make up the will of the American people as they’re doing with the results of the November elections. Now, the moral of this whole thing last night was that once you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made. So all the pundits and all the debate graders, all the measuring, they’re just measuring one thing: ‘Which candidate best fakes sincerity? Which one came off as the most sincere? According to South Carolina debate watchers, Barack Obama won the thing hands down.


RUSH: I have a good friend. He’s a curmudgeon. He’s always upset about something, always complaining, whining, and moaning. I call him a ‘cynic-American,’ and he’s got this theory. His theory is that the only reason the Democrats are really bashing Iraq is because that’s the only thing they can bash, that if it were the economy, they would be bashing the economy. They’d be bashing Bush on the economy all day long, and would leave Iraq alone. I don’t believe that in toto because the left-wing base out there would be directing the Democrats. But when they thought they had a bad economy, it wasn’t that long ago, you remember Pelosi’s out there talking, ‘Jobs, jobs, jobs. We’re going to create jobs. We’re going to get this economy back where it’s roaring for everybody and so forth,’ but now it’s starting to trickle out — I’m looking at some of the news headlines — some bad economic news. Ford says auto sales in April are among the worst ever. It’s really slowing down. The economic growth is at 1.3%. Ah, happy days are here again for the Drive-Bys and the Democrats. Now there’s somebody else, the euro is the highest against the dollar. If you’re going to go to Europe this summer on vacation, it’s going to cost you a little bit more because you have to spend more dollars to equal euros. Somebody’s just put out a story, ‘Worldwide housing bubble.’

Oh, folks, we could be on the verge of a primary, genuine, can’t-keep-the-glee-out-of-their-faces issue for the coming presidential campaign! All they need is some news that says this is going to happen. They don’t even need the bad economic news.

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