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RUSH: It’s Open Line Friday, and I am Rush Limbaugh, utilizing talent on loan from God-d. 800-282-2882. To St. Catharine’s, Ontario — which is in Canada, for those of you in Rio Linda — this is Nicole, and it’s great to have you on the program. Nicole, welcome.

CALLER: Rush, it is the greatest honor and privilege to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you so much.

CALLER: I was the last female caller and the second to last caller in 2006 on your show when I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Walter E. Williams about the lack of intellectual diversity on college campuses.

RUSH: I’ll bet that was a great conversation.

CALLER: Oh, it was.

RUSH: Did you get a word in edgewise in that call?

CALLER: Oh, yes, quite a few.

RUSH: (Laughing.) Good.

CALLER: Anyhow, I’m calling almost about the same matter. I’m pursuing my master’s degree in popular culture, and I had yet another wonderful opportunity to attend and present at an academic conference in Boston earlier this month.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: But I ran into a little bit of a situation that I thought you and your listeners might be interested in.

RUSH: I would love to hear about it, but I first have to ask you a question.


RUSH: I’m amazed at what you can get a masters in these days.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: You can get a masters in basket weaving. You can get a masters in physical education therapies. A masters degree in popular culture?

CALLER: Yes. Actually it’s a unique interdisciplinary study to Canada. However, the United States of America offers far more interesting programs pertaining to media studies.

RUSH: Well, that’s because our popular culture is probably more perverted than yours.

CALLER: I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Remember, America is the ‘land of the free and home of the brave,’ and free speech doesn’t seem to exist in Canada, or at least in universities.

RUSH: Well, you may have a point on that. Okay, so you ran into a professor somewhere.

CALLER: Yes. My colleague and I, who is also a conservative, we were there together, and after a cocktail party about the conference — and it was at the Boston Marriott — these three profs invited us out for a drink.

RUSH: Uh-huh.

CALLER: I sort of know that everyone is sort of liberal. It’s very hard to meet a conservative professor, and actually that’s what I asked professor Walter E. Williams about. But anyhow, they invited us out for a drink at the hotel bar, and I said, ‘What the hell,’ and, you know, one of the profs found out that I wanted to attend a US institution for my PhD, and that I love America and think it is the greatest nation in the world. The issue of politics came up and I told this prof I’d rather not discuss my political leanings, but he kept on badgering me.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: Finally, I said, ‘Fine.’

RUSH: Are you married?

CALLER: Oh, no, no, no, no.

RUSH: So you’re not wearing a ring?

CALLER: Oh, no, no, no.

RUSH: Okay. I’m just trying to get the lay of the land here at the bar.

CALLER: No. I live with my guinea pig, actually. But anyhow, I said, ‘I’m a conservative. I watch Fox News, and I listen to Rush Limbaugh, and I think Reagan was the best president ever.’ The prof looked at us in disgust, and it wasn’t because of our looks, because your screener said he could see my beauty through the phone. So the female —

RUSH: Snerdley, you are pathetic. You are pathetic in there. (Laughing.)

CALLER: Oh okay. I thought you were talking to me.

RUSH: No! I’m admonishing Snerdley for coming on to you.

CALLER: Oh, I hope I didn’t get him in trouble.

RUSH: ‘I can see your beauty through the phone.’

CALLER: (Laughing.) That is, quote, unquote, by the way.

RUSH: What else is going on in there that I don’t know? All right, so the prof was looking at you with disgust, and…

CALLER: Well, actually, that wasn’t the prof I had the problem with. There was this female prof, though, in her late forties, early fifties from the University of Oklahoma, and she asked me what I thought about socialized health care. When I said I’m not an advocate, she literally harassed me. She grabbed me arm. She started pointing her finger at me and crying and yelling at me because I guess she’s talking about a personal situation. I immediately knew I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so I left. And, you know, I made sure that when I was at the door, I turned around, went back and shook all of their hands. My colleague stayed and apparently more drama pursued after that. But the moral of the story is, students, beware of your prof.

RUSH: Well, we hear these kinds of stories routinely, but you shouldn’t be surprised by these.

CALLER: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I wasn’t surprised.

RUSH: Look, the trouble began when you mentioned my name, right?

CALLER: Actually that prof didn’t — didn’t — sure, that trouble could have began when I mentioned your name, but clearly the trouble began when I said that America was the greatest nation in the world.

RUSH: Yeah, well —

CALLER: There are so many individuals —

RUSH: Yeah, but don’t discount the fact that it was mentioning my name and Fox News, that’s what set ’em off.

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