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RUSH: Lynette in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’m glad you called. Nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Jillion dittos for what you do.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Hey, I’m a moviegoer, and I go, I get to watch Algore do his movie trailer. I want you to do one. I would like anybody —

RUSH: Wait wait, wait, wait. Hold it a minute, hold it a minute. I am not a moviegoer, so I don’t know what you mean Algore — you mean a preview for his movie?

CALLER: Yes, sir. They’re doing their little global warming advertising before you get to see the movie you paid to go see. I have to watch Algore do his thing. And so I decided I’m a Rush fan, I’m on your mailing list, and I want Rush to do a movie trailer advertisement with the truth on it instead of the garbage.

RUSH: I would be glad to do it, be glad to film it, but what theaters do you think would actually run it?

CALLER: (Laughing.) Well, there’s a few, I think. There’s one ran the — you know, The Nativity Story, at Christmas, they —

RUSH: No chance. The only Christmas stuff that’s going to be on the big screen is if Tim Allen is in it.

CALLER: No, the Nativity Story was in a few theaters — I’m in Fort Collins, Colorado, the screener wanted me to ask you if you’d ever been here.

RUSH: Think one time. We had a little party out there. It was called Dan’s Bake Sale, and about 80,000 of us showed up.


RUSH: Yeah. We were there. It was on a Saturday. The NBC News, they called it a Republican Woodstock. See, what had happened was that I had started publishing the Limbaugh Letter. This was in the early days of the Limbaugh Letter. I got a note or an e-mail from this guy, Dan. And Dan said that his wife wouldn’t let him spend the money to buy it on his own, so he wanted to be able to have friends of his who got it, copy it, and give it to him so he could see it that way. Well, of course I can’t allow copyright violations like that. I would destroy the integrity of the publication. Also at the same time, little school kids were being prompted by teachers to do bake sales and then send the money to President Clinton to reduce the national debt. Of course we all know it was their parents baking the goods, these little kids, we’re talking about second and third graders standing outside selling cookies, cake, whatever it was they’re baking up, and Clinton kept the money.

So this bake sale was a big thing. So I got hold of this guy, I said, ‘You know, you are missing a golden opportunity. Your wife says no, so you conclude you don’t have any money. Do a bake sale, do Dan’s Bake Sale.’ His name was Dan. Where do you live? He said, ‘I live in Fort Collins, Colorado.’ ‘Well, do a bake sale. It wouldn’t take you long, 24 bucks for a subscription to The Limbaugh Letter.’ ‘Okay, I’ll do it.’ Well, all this happened on the air, and everybody wanted to be part of the bake sale. And I mean people from a restaurant in New Orleans went out there, the billboard owners gave us billboard space to promote the thing, and there were countless exhibitors selling things at this bake sale.

The funny thing was that the guy about whom this whole thing was about showed up with enough baked goods to last five minutes and then split, and then started trying to do his own Dan’s Bake Sales without me all over the country and didn’t draw flies.

Well, he might have drawn flies with — (laughing) but no, there were 80,000 of them gathered out there. Senator Hank Brown was with us out there, escorted out by a horse. I was standing right behind the rear end of horse walking out to the stage. It was raining all morning. As soon as I hit the stage, the skies broke, the sunshine came down. We flew into it on a helicopter because there was a traffic jam on the interstate highway for miles, people trying to get to this place. So, yeah, been to Fort Collins. I’m sorry you missed it, Lynette.

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