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RUSH: Let me tell you, folks, what the Democrats are going to do next. They hope to send the bill that they’ve just passed in the House and Senate, securing defeat in Iraq, that has the — and, by the way, one of the news networks, radio news networks report, ‘Democrats vote on exit strategy for Iraq.’ Democrats vote on exit strategy — yeah, defeat!Anyway, they’re going to send the bill to the White House next Tuesday. Now, next Tuesday will be exactly four years since Bush landed on the aircraft carrier and declared ‘mission accomplished.’ The media is running with this all day today, which means that the Democrats have told their media buddies, ‘Here’s the line to push, here’s the action line.’ Mission accomplished meant the defeat of Saddam Hussein and everybody knows it. But these lazy, phony reporters are going to repeat this propaganda all day and night now since their Democrat masters have asked them to do it. You’re going to hear it all day and night. If you’re going to waste time watching the tube, this is what you’re going to hear. You’re going to hear it all the way through next Tuesday. There will be fanfares and it’s going to be maddening. Just keep a sharp eye. It’s all politically oriented. What the Democrats need, you know, president lands on the aircraft carrier, big banner out there said ‘mission accomplished,’ the Democrats need to erect a banner somewhere in Washington, huge thing out there on the mall, says ‘defeat accomplished.’I’m sure our graphic artists at the Limbaugh Letter will come up with something appropriate for this, at the website, too, an idea for them to do. Hang it in the Senate, hang it in the House, hang it on the mall in Washington, put it at all the airports, ‘defeat accomplished,’ Democrat Party.


RUSH: I mentioned this in a roundabout way all during the program. It’s a story from The Hill newspaper by Sam Youngman, a story about Mrs. Bill Clinton. ‘Clinton: ‘Bush is a very hard person to deal with”

‘Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) said yesterday that there are risks in sending bills to President Bush that cut off troop funding in Iraq and that passing such bills may not be possible. Clinton, taking questions following a speech to the National Jewish Democratic Council, was asked by former Rep. Martin Frost (D-Texas) what ‘the chances are’ Congress will be able to send such bills to Bush, get them signed or override an expected veto. ‘I think it will be extremely challenging if at all possible,’ Clinton said. Clinton put the blame on Bush, criticizing the president for not being willing to work with Democrats on tactics for getting out of Iraq.’ See? The arrogance. It’s all Bush’s fault. He won’t do what we want, he won’t work with us, he won’t sign on to defeat. She won’t say that, but that’s what she means.

”You know as well as I do how difficult it will be,’ Clinton said. ‘[Bush] is a very hard person to deal with on these issues.’ Clinton also cautioned that Democrats ‘don’t want to be blamed’ for cutting off funding for troops in harm’s way, acknowledging the political risks of such a maneuver,’ which means, plain and simple, that this vote in the House yesterday, the vote in the Senate today, are purely symbolic because they know Bush is going to veto this and they can’t override the veto. But they think, in their perverted way of looking things, that this is going to transfer total authority, accountability for what happens in Iraq to Bush. They think somehow they’re going to escape the idea in the American people’s minds that they are the ones that want defeat. You just wait, folks. It’s going to catch up to them and it’s going to be a tidal wave when it starts.

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