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RUSH: So two weekends ago, about eight or nine days ago, as you know I’ve been on this diet since February 14th and I’ve lost — well, up ’til ten days ago I was down 40 pounds, and I went off the diet because I had this weekend bash, had a bunch of house guests and a big party on Saturday. I didn’t go off it too bad, but I went off of it, went got right back on it on Monday when everybody left, and from Monday — so as of a week ago today, I have lost eight pounds, for a total of 48 pounds. So I came in here today and I’m telling everybody about this, and the last time they saw me was on Friday, so Brian and Dawn sit in there during the news break, and said, ‘Oh, so you think you lost more weight since Friday, huh?’

I looked at them, and I said, ‘I know I have. I’ve lost it from the omentum,’ and they just rolled their eyes and shook their heads.

I walked in to Snerdley, and Snerdley had on Fox and there’s some story of a tornado somewhere, and the judge was named Rowdy Rhoades. I said, ‘It’s gotta be Texas, right?’ proving that I’m biased against Texas, or at least prejudiced, but I’m just going to tell you something, folks. I have lost eight pounds in a week, and my staff pooh-poohing it, making fun of me. A lesser person would have said, ‘What’s the point?’ and I would have gone in there and I would have gotten a hot dog and said, ‘To hell with it. What’s the point if nobody’s going to notice?’ But I’m not doing it for the notice of others. I’m doing it for purely personal reasons. I want this to be a lesson to you. Nobody wants you to succeed when you do much of anything. I mean, what a low blow! I just read them the riot act. ‘You gotta be careful how you treat people. If I were a lesser person, you could have destroyed my confidence. You could have blown my motivation and inspiration and all to hell. You’re sitting in there laughing at me because I come in here and tell you I’ve lost eight pounds in a week after going off the diet and gone back on it,’ and they’re still laughing. Now they’re in there laughing (laughing) as am I. (interruption) I don’t play the ball game that way. The broadcast engineer said, ‘You can just fire ’em.’ That’s not how I run the office. It’s not how I run the office.

Making fun of me! Eight pounds in eight days after cheating on the diet? It was not cheating. I just went off of it, fully intending to go back to it. How do you spell jealous? Let me ask them that. You know, if I want to start telling these people what other things you people don’t know in there like which president was in a wheelchair, I’ll do that, if it takes getting even. They never heard of the Great Society, and that’s a great lesson for me, too. They’re relatively young people in there and they never heard of the Great Society, and that’s when Head Start started. We were talking about that in the previous hour. The Great Society is the modern welfare state, other than Social Security, and don’t give me any calls from people who want to argue with me about that.

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