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RUSH: The New York Times today, headline — it’s a column by Barbara Oakley from Rochester, Michigan — ‘The Killer in the Lecture Hall’ A couple of excerpts: ‘Sometimes I wished I had an armament, although, like Virginia Tech, my university does not allow firearms on campus. I wished that because, not only did Rick attach love-cockroaches to my door and live across the hall from my office and possess a small armory, but Rick watched me all the time. Sometimes he followed me out to my car — just to make sure I was safe. When I complained about Rick to the dean of students, I was told there was nothing to be done — after all, ‘students have rights, too.’ Only after appealing to that dean’s boss and calling a raft of fellow professors who had also come to fear Rick’s strange behavior was I able to convince the administration to take grudging action; they restricted his ability to loiter in certain areas and began nudging him toward the classes he needed to graduate.’ Now, Rick is just some student at the university where she teaches.

She has an interesting close in this piece: ‘[M]ost of the broad social ‘lessons’ we are being told we must learn from the Virginia Tech shootings have little to do with what allowed the horrors to occur. This is about evil, and about how our universities are able to deal with it as a literary subject but not as a fact of life.’ Evil is dealt with in the abstract, but it is not dealt with as a fact of life. ‘Can administrators and deans really continue to leave professors and other college personnel to deal with deeply disturbed students on their own, with only pencils in their defense?’ This is Barbara Oakley, ‘professor of engineering at Oakland University, the author of the forthcoming ‘Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed and My Sister Stole My Mother’s Boyfriend.” Well, that could be a country western song title as well. So she’s upset. She had a stalker and couldn’t do anything about it. ‘Students have rights, too.’ That’s what a dean said: ‘Students have rights, too.’ (Gasp!) And she’s finally figured it out. We sit here and we talk about evil in the abstract all the time, but we are not teaching anybody to deal with it in real life. In fact, I would venture to say they’re not even teaching that there is evil — other than, of course, George W. Bush.


RUSH: I am reaching the boiling point about all of this ‘coarsening of the culture’ garbage that the left is accusing people like me and Matt Drudge and Sean Hannity and others of committing on talk radio and so forth. Some of the most vile hatred is expressed in this country by the Drive-By Media at our president, at our military, by their blogs and by their talk show hosts. It is they who write books and do movies on assassinating our president. It is they who are constantly trying to undermine this country’s cohesiveness. They are doing things to keep us constantly in tumult and chaos. Everything is doom and gloom. They are lying through their teeth about global warming. They are trying to set us up for tax increases to assuage our sin and guilt for ‘destroying the planet.’ If there’s anybody out there that’s coarsening the culture, and is making a mockery of modern day journalism by committing journalistic malpractice, the assaults that have occurred on George W. Bush — both in books, in movies, in terms of his assassination — and the never ending verbal drumbeat that has come ever since he was inaugurated, dwarfs anything that is taking place on the right.

By far, it is not even close. These people are Stalinists. They cannot stand an opposing point of view in their midst, and so they come up with policies and programs that are designed to discredit or silence people they don’t want to hear. They hate debate because to them there is no debate. There is no alternative to their sick, perverse view of human nature and life, and in way too many cases, their sick, perverse view of this country. If you listen to the left in this country, our military is nothing but a bunch of torturers, rapists and murderers — and they gleefully report this! If you listen to the left in this country, our president is human debris. He’s a liar, he’s a murderer, and all he wants is oil for himself and his buddies. Ditto Dick Cheney. Ditto Donald Rumsfeld. Ditto Condoleezza Rice. Look at the cartoons that they did of Condoleezza Rice which were despicable and racist and bigoted, and they are never called on it! Look at the way they botch their own jobs, getting things wrong. Now look at what NBC is doing by creating all these copycat mass murderers out there.

The latest example: Bartram Trail High School in St. John’s County, Florida (which is Jacksonville), where a kid was arrested for a plot to kill a hundred students. They’re the ones that own the culture of death with abortion. They are the ones responsible for 1.3 or 1.4 million babies being killed every year in this country since 1973, under terms of the Constitution. Talk about ripping the Constitution to shreds and using it for toilet paper? The left does this all the time! Look at the Second Amendment. They see the Constitution and say something that’s not there, as is the right to abortion. If they looked at the Second Amendment and read it, they would have to honestly assess that every citizen in this country had to have a gun! But who is it that’s trying to disarm this country? Who is it that’s trying to put legal, safe, law-abiding citizens at risk? Who’s putting them in jeopardy? It’s the left in this country! Coarsening of the culture, my ass! The coarsening of the culture has been going on for longer than I’ve had this radio program, and this program and others like it are an antidote to it.

We are equal time. We are finally a little balance on the scene to some of the perversion and the assaults on decency and the institutions and traditions that have made this country great. It’s the left committing those assaults. It’s the left doing everything they can to tear down the institutions and traditions that have made this country the greatest ever in the history of free people, in the history of civilization. To sit here and have to — well, I don’t have to sit here and read it. I happened to run across it because I work hard prepping this program, and to read these little neophytes, these elitist, know-it-all, sniveling little pencil-necked geek creeps, locked away in their newsrooms talk about how, ‘There’s some incivility in our culture, and it can be found with Ann Coulter and it can be found with Rush Limbaugh. It can be found with Mark Levin. It can be found with Sean Hannity. It can be found with Neal Boortz.’

If it weren’t for us, this country would be far more gone than it is! The fact of the matter is, it is those people sitting in their little ivory towers on campus and in newspaper newsrooms who have done more to divide this country, to make it partisan, to make the people of this country uncomfortable at the least, miserable at the worst, on a daily basis! That is their mission. They are the Drive-By left. Global warming is just the most recent incarnation of it. But there are assaults on this country’s traditions and institutions and normalcy on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times every day. We catalog it here. We comment upon it, and we point it out — and that’s what they don’t like. Their definition of ‘coarsening the culture’ is disagreeing with them. Their definition of coarsening the culture is pointing out their flaws, their hypocrisy. Their definition of our coarsening the culture is shining the light of truth on them, for one and all to see and to finally learn from, and they are losing influence. They used to have a monopoly. They’re still very powerful. They’re trying to engineer defeat of the United States and its military in Iraq and in the war on terror! They celebrate troop deaths because it advances a political agenda.

They LOVE this story at Virginia Tech because it allows them to advance a political agenda of gun control and the NRA is bad, and Bush is bad, and Charlton Heston is bad. They couldn’t fill Charlton Heston’s shoes. They couldn’t walk in George W. Bush’s shoes, and they wouldn’t last five minutes behind this microphone with the same scrutiny aimed at them that they aim at everybody else. They wouldn’t put up with the lies and the distortions about their character and their honesty that they routinely throw out at virtually everybody. They are the ones that try to destroy individuals’ lives, reputations, and character, if they happen to be nominated to the federal bench — starting with Robert Bork, and probably preceding that. These are the people who claim to be better than all of us. These are the people who claim to be the guardians of our Constitution and our country. These are the people who claim to be the guardians of civility. These are the people who claim to be the guardians of justice and politeness and reverence — and in truth, ladies and gentlemen, they are the authors of the day-by-day disintegration of the moral foundation that holds this country together and has for years.

They are not going to get away with it, but they are not going to stop trying, either, because they feel threatened. They apply all of these standards — and, by the way, when they start talking about ‘the coarsening of the culture on talk radio,’ it always comes from people who never listen to it! It’s always made by people who hear things taken out of context. One of the things in this idiot piece from the Cincinnati — I don’t know what it is, Cincinnati Enquirer, whatever it was today — talks about Imus and racism, and of course, they had to throw me in there with McNabb. They got that wrong, and then they threw in this bit about how I once advised blacks to have rehearsals for riots. Well, now, I’ll tell you what that was. Back on the TV show, remember Spike Lee had a movie — Was it Malcolm X? — and Spike Lee demanded that every black kid in school be let out of school that day to go watch his movie about Malcolm X. He told them to cut school and go watch the movie, Malcolm X. Now, there were redeeming qualities of Malcolm X, sure, but there were also some things in there that were questionable.

You know, Malcolm X was not Martin Luther King. He was not one of these proponents of nonviolence to get what you want. So, okay, Spike, you are urging kids to cut school. You think these kids can learn much more watching your movie than they can learn in class? Then why don’t you go all the way and why don’t you give them riot rehearsals and so forth, steal the popcorn in the movies and so forth. It was a way of illustrating the total absurdity. The one thing the left doesn’t get about me and this show, is we illustrate absurdity by being absurd. But they don’t listen! So when I was talking the other day about how the spoken word, when written, takes on entirely different meanings, if you don’t hear it and if it’s only partially reported. So we illustrate absurdity to be absurd here. It’s absurd to tell kids to cut school and go see a movie! You can watch a movie at nighttime. You don’t have to cut school to go watch a movie. So we said, ‘Well, if this is what you’re going to teach ’em, go all the way!’ That was a way to illustrate the absurdity of Spike Lee. It’s written in the Cincinnati paper as though I just blurted it out of my mouth with relationship to nothing, and this is constantly what they do. But never fear, folks, I’m not backing down.

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