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RUSH: James in Clearwater, Florida, we’ve got about a minute and a half here, but I wanted to get to you. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello, Mr. Limbaugh. How are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: I appreciate you taking the call. I was just making a comment on the Imus situation. It seems hypocritical from the media that they’re bashing him and you were unfortunately released from ESPN way back in the early 2000. The crew from Inside the NFL, HBO, got on the bandwagon and bashed you for supposedly being racist when you were just making a comment on Donovan McNabb.

RUSH: Making a comment on the media, not McNabb. I made a comment on the media, not McNabb.

CALLER: Right. They misconstrued it as you making a comment on Donovan McNabb.

RUSH: Look, those guys are all liberals. You want to know what the real problem here was? The real problem was — and I’ve had a couple people who are big-time sportscasters on the networks tell me this — ‘They were laying in wait for you, Rush. They were just offended to no end that you were coming into their world, the world of sports, and they were going to get you somehow. They were going to try to get you no matter what, because they resented the fact that you were entering sports, and you’re not a sports guy, and you haven’t paid your dues, and you’re not a journalist and all that.’ What you said you saw happen on HBO’s Inside the NFL is a classic example. HBO is a very liberal-oriented network, anyway. Inside the NFL has its share of liberal producers and so forth — and a liberal host, who is obsessed with race, Bob Costas — and then of course they have got that babe in there Wanda Sykes, who is this black comedian. She can run around and say whatever she wants like a rapper, and of course nobody says a word. They just laugh at that and she’s protected because she is a minority. Therefore, like all minorities they can say what they want because they ‘don’t have the power to be racists or bigots’ or what have you.


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