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RUSH: Our condolences go out today to the family of the popular Hawaiian singer and entertainer, Don (bleep). He passed away this weekend, and all of us here, the entire staff at the EIB Network offer our heartfelt sympathies to the (bleep) family. Don — you can’t say this word. You know, the popular Hawaiian singer of (singing) Tiny Bubbles. You can’t say it. You can’t say it. Everybody, those eagle eyes are out there, those eagle ears. They’re all monitoring us out there trying to make us into the next scapegoat for this, so I can say, ‘Popular Hawaiian singer Don (bleep).’ I’m saying it, but you’re not hearing it. He passed away. For those of you in Rio Linda, Don (bleep), that surname is awaiting clearance from the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson. It’s the same thing for, ‘Santa Claus comes down the chimney (bleep), (bleep), (bleep).’ You can’t say any of this anymore without clearance.

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