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RUSH: I want to go to an audio sound bite because this leads me to something. We talked about this last week but just got the sound bite today. Excuse me just a second. It was on CNBC, Joe Kernan, the anchor was interviewing the ‘activist’ (who is really just a Hollywood housewife), Laurie David, the wife of Larry David of Seinfeld fame, and she’s up there promoting this bus tour she’s going on out there with Sheryl Crow. By the way, Laurie David wrote an open letter to Rush Limbaugh on Arianna Huffing and Puffington Post out there, her blog, and Sheryl Crow also got in on the act at the Huffing and Puffington Post after Laurie David got involved. It’s an open letter to me about how I don’t understand anything and they’re thanking me for making their points about global warming and all this erratic, seemingly unseasonably cool weather that we’ve had in these months that everybody associates with spring. So Joe Kernan is talking about Laurie David. He said, ‘This is something way out in the future. It’s going to be expensive. We’re going to have to deploy a lot of resources for this. Does it really make sense it when we’ve got all these pressing problems that are so near term?’

DAVID: I don’t know how you can say this is way out in the future. We’re seeing the impacts right now, and they’re all around us. And you know, we just came through the warmest winter we’ve had, the worst wildfire season we’ve ever had. I mean, there are records being broken every single day; 2300 heat records broken last July alone. How can you say the impact’s in the future? They’re happening right this second. That’s why this is so urgent. That’s why we’re out on the road talking to college students and, uh, you know, have we have to start putting all this energy, all the time we have for interviews into how are we going to solve this.

RUSH: No, no, no, not how are WE. It’s how is everybody else but you going to solve it. But, like in her open letter to me on the Huffing and Puffington Post, she illustrates here her ignorance of the history of weather patterns, and look, she cites all these heat records last July. We’re breaking records in this country for cold and snow in April, but all that gets ignored! No, I’m sorry. It’s not ignored. In fact, all of this cold weather, this nor’easter up there that disrupted everything, lots of flooding up there on coastal Long Island and New Jersey, flights canceled, cold weather in Minnesota and so forth? That’s because of global warming. That’s what she said in her open letter to me on this Huffing and Puffington Post. I made mention of the fact that Major League Baseball is having its early season games in some cities wiped out, and she says (paraphrased), ‘Oh, yeah, thanks for making our point, Mr. Limbaugh, because that proves global warming,’ which is, I’ve always said, any weather calamity whatsoever, anything they think is… There’s no such thing as a weather calamity because everything that’s happening now has happened before. Weather is what it is, and there’s nothing new in weather. Cold fronts, record cold, record high? You’re always breaking records, Laurie! There’s nothing new in it, but all of a sudden it’s now attributable to just one thing, and that’s global warming and so forth. But anyway, we’re getting to them out there because two open letters to me from Laurie David and from, what’s her name, Sheryl Crow on the Huffing and Puffington Post.


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