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RUSH: Ron in Corpus Christi, Texas, I’m glad you waited, sir. You’re next on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Yes hello, Rush.

RUSH: Hello.

CALLER: I just wanted to mention David Brock, who is the president of Media Matters. He put out a statement last Wednesday, on the 11th, and part of the statement said more Americans are coming to understand the damage done by major news organizations providing a platform for bigoted commentary and other conservative misinformation. So he’s saying that Imus is a conservative. So the LA Times on the 13th —

RUSH: That’s exactly right. I was going to remind you if you hadn’t said it. The LA Times picked up exactly what they wrote at Media Matters about Imus being a conservative, and the LA Times, in an editorial, called Imus conservative. Now, what do you think that’s from? Here’s a guy that supports John Kerry and is opposed to the war. His primary guests are all these liberal media elites, and all of a sudden Imus had to turn out to be a conservative — and he’s not a conservative. The LA Times…? Do the editors out there…? I don’t know. Imus probably doesn’t have an LA station anymore, but, for crying out loud, if they’re news people they gotta be more informed than that, but no, no, no! Their little supply source, Media Matters for America — an arm of the Democrat Party, George Soros funded, tax exempt foundation — is going out and calling Imus a conservative, and they just run with it.


RUSH: Yes? What was your next point?

CALLER: I was going to say that after the LA Times did their article, then Media Matters put up a response, and they tried to say that Imus was a conservative. They were answering the LA Times trying to prove a point, and the way they did the column was: he’s a conservative; therefore he’s a bad guy. He ought to be taken off the air just because he’s a conservative. The point they were making was ludicrous. He’s not a conservative. Everybody knows that.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Are you telling me that what happened was, Media Matters first writes of Imus as a conservative; the LA Times then picks that up and also calls him a conservative, and then Media —

CALLER: They called him a liberal, and so Media Matters put out a response, saying, ‘No, Imus is a conservative. He’s just a bad guy.’

RUSH: Well, okay. I missed one of the three steps because I could have sworn the LA Times called him conservative after Media Matters did. I know! I read it!

CALLER: No, no, no. The Times… I don’t have the article in front of me, but Brock was disagreeing with him being termed a liberal.

RUSH: I read that article.

CALLER: I don’t have it in front of me. I read the other two. I don’t have a printout of the other two. I have a printout of Brock’s original statement.

RUSH: Well, whatever. They had to switch into high gear to do the CYA out there.

CALLER: I think what Media Matters and Brock are going to do, like you said, they’re going to use Imus as a vehicle to try to take out conservative media —

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: — and conservative talk radio.

RUSH: There’s no question about that. It’s like Sharpton and Jackson now going after rap music. That’s to give them street cred when they come back after awhile, because they don’t want to cause a backlash. I mean, it’s going to be awhile before they zero in. (interruption) Well, I know he’s got his list ready, Mr. Snerdley. Sharpton has his list ready, but they’re going to give it some time. They don’t want to create too big of a backlash. They’ll go after rap music. They’ll make a show of going after rap music to give them street cred, and then the Media Matters types will say, ‘Hey, what is this allegation that we’re out there trying to target conservatives? Look at Imus! He was liberal. We don’t care.’ Yeah, well, find all the other liberal hate speech on that website they chronicle. You won’t. Thanks for the call out there, Ron.


RUSH: See, here’s the thing. This is the way this is all shaping up out there. You can’t criticize people on the radio. You can’t do it. You can’t attack them. You can’t defend yourself. You can’t defend others who are attacked by the Democrats. You can’t do this on radio, but you can do it on the floor of Congress. You can go to the floor of Congress, the floor the House, floor of the Senate, and you can say some of the most despicable things about people — as Tom Harkin has about me or his fellow senators. You can do that all day long and nobody will care. We’re not going to stop that. Congressional hearings? How about how they try to destroy the character and the careers of judicial nominees at the Senate judiciary committee? You can do that all day long and Media Matters won’t care and the Drive-By Media won’t care. In fact, they’ll love it. They love it. This is cool, and these senators are written up as great heroes for daring to tell the truth about these despicable conservatives who want to take over the court and deny you women the right to choose, or whatever other fear tactic they lie about. TV news hit jobs? Television news can do a hit job and destroy anybody they want. The New York Times can do a hit job and destroy anybody they want.

But you can’t do this on radio, because they’re going to come after you! If you do this on radio, if conservatives do this in the alternative media? I’m going to tell you what the objective is out there, folks, in case some of you are all entertained by this. Understand that this is a Democrat Party, Drive-By Media, Clinton image machine — or Clinton machine agenda — and it is to suppress and kill conservative information, which it labels ‘misinformation.’ The conservative information by definition, according to the template of the Drive-By Media and the Media Matters of the world, is ‘misinformation,’ but they will say that their purpose is to eliminate conservative information because it’s misinformation, because there’s a template, and the template is conservatives are racist, and as such they have to be banned. Of course! In the culture, we can’t put up with this. They’ve gotta be banned from cable. They’ve gotta be banned from Fox News. They’ve gotta be banned from radio. Conservatives are also liars. That’s another template: conservatives are liars. They gotta be snuffed out — and this is the purpose of the Drive-By Media, the Democrat Party and the Clintons, who are funding with their supporters all these ‘watchdog’ efforts.

This is Stalinist, folks. This is an attack on certain kinds of information that is protected by a template which says, ‘All conservative information is misinformation. It is reported by liars and racists,’ and that’s the foundation under which they all proceed, and they’re all in on it. That is what is happening. It’s a general rule, they would love to do this. But we’re gearing up for this election, and if you don’t think that in the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party, if you don’t think 2008 is all about the Clintons getting back in the White House, you’ve got another thing coming. I’m going to tell you as we sit here today, there is an 80% chance that Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States, if you look at the way things are falling out right now. They’re trying to take out Rudy Giuliani. Guess what? Rudy’s a ‘draft dodger’ now. Did you see the story over the weekend? Well, Clinton was a draft dodger so they got Rudy. Rudy’s a draft dodger. Whatever was said about Clinton, they’re going after it. Rudy is a draft dodger. Rudy is a philanderer.

Whatever it is, they’re doing everything they can to take Rudy out. Everybody says, ‘Well, what about Obama? What about Obama?’ Folks. I know there are stories out there how the Clintons are worried about Obama and not just on this fundraising stuff, but his ‘godlike status to the godless’ and so forth. If you’re the Clinton machine, and your single competitor is somebody with less than two years experience in these foxholes, do you really think they are worried about Barack Obama? If you have fallen for the notion that the Clinton machine is sort of upside down and discombobulated and doesn’t quite know what’s going on here, you are falling for more myths from the media, which is designed to make it look like she has real competition so that she can overcome obstacles rather than be this candidate of inevitability — which she is. So she’s trying to make it look like she’s got a serious challenge and she’s up to it, and she can handle it. But I’m telling you, I know the Clinton machine. If you think they are seriously worried about somebody with as little experience as Obama has in these kinds of things, then you’re falling for it.

You’re being sucked in for all this. There is an 80% chance this woman is going to be next president, as things sit here today. In politics, everything can change, and it can change on a moment’s notice. But all of these attacks and all of this budding attempt — and it’s not new; it’s just intensifying now — to discredit conservative information as misinformation reported by liars and racists, is about destroying the credibility of anybody who has anything in opposition, to save the Clintons and their quest to be re-ensconced in the White House. It’s what all this is about. It’s also about making sure that if Mrs. Clinton wins and so forth, that there won’t be an alternative media. Hello, Fairness Doctrine. Hello, all of these things to just squelch it. They don’t want to hear it. They want to go back to their monopoly days. That’s what this is all about. So when you keep talking about this in the context of Imus, it’s so much more about things having nothing to do with Imus than you would possibly believe. In fact, don’t get distracted when you think about this by putting it in the context of Imus. If it was about Imus, it would be over, wouldn’t it? And it’s not, is it?

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