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RUSH: I gotta make a correction here, ladies and gentlemen. I erred some time in the last hour. I erroneously gave credit for the NCAA ladies basketball championship to Rutgers, and in fact the Lady Vols from Tennessee won the championship, and some people from Tennessee are calling and saying that I have stolen their joy by denying them the win, because they said, ‘Rush, if you tell people that Rutgers won, they’re going to think that Rutgers won and we won it, and it’s our joy, and you’re taking it from us.’ Well, they’ve got the trophy, but, you know, it doesn’t matter what you have. It’s what people say about you, and I’m waiting for some allegation to be made against me here. But I want to correct this right off the bat, and I want to apologize to the Lady Vols, and they’ve got a great coach. They’ve gotta great program there. (interruption) I will meet with the team individually to try to restore their joy, yes. I’ll be happy to meet with the Lady Vols. Hell, yes! Name the day. Name the time.

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