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RUSH: Yesterday we told you about the Edwards website. If you go to the John Edwards for president website, you get an opportunity there to send a sympathy card to Elizabeth Edwards, and if you did, you were put on an e-mail list where you then received solicitations from the Edwards campaign. (interruption) What are you laughing at in there now? You got some caller on the phone you’re trying to polite to? All right. It must be one of those days in there. Well, what’s happened now is that, since this has been made public, the Edwards campaign has decided they’re going to give you an opportunity to be put on their solicitation list. Yeah, you were just automatically on it if you sent Mrs. Edwards a sympathy note via e-mail. ‘After being confronted by questions from reporters, the Edwards campaign said it will add an option to allow well-wishers to decline getting future e-mails.’ So why change it? I mean, are they admitting here that they might have gone overboard?

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