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RUSH: To the phones we’ll start in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We have a 14-year-old named Kayla, and you’re first. It’s such a pleasure to have you with us today. CALLER: It’s a pleasure to talk with you, Rush. I wanted to say just how stupid and idiotic Algore’s movie is. We were required to watch it in geography class because apparently it has to do with the fate of the world and the theocracy, apparently. At least that’s what our teacher said, so I’m taking it that our geography teacher is definitely a liberal. Now everyone is walking around the school talking about how all the polar bears are drowning and that we’re all going to die. It’s crazy. RUSH: You didn’t fall for it, though, it sounds like? CALLER: No, I think it’s really stupid. RUSH: Why are you so different than anybody else? CALLER: Well, if you remember like a while ago, 50 years ago, they were complaining about global cooling. RUSH: It wasn’t 50 years ago. It was like 30. CALLER: Thirty? Somewhere in there. RUSH: Yeah. CALLER: They were complaining about global cooling and now they’re complaining about global warming. RUSH: Let me ask you a question out there, Kayla. Let’s say that the global cooling scare of 1979 and ’80 had stuck and let’s say that instead of all this global warming, let’s say that we were freezing and Greenland was expanding and Antarctica were expanding and the ice sheets are going nuts and we’re threatened here. Do you think Algore would do a movie advocating everybody would go out and buy the biggest SUV possible and drive it around? Do you think Algore would be doing a movie that would advocate more factories, more smokestacks, more cows expelling gas, methane, everything that they say is causing warming? Do you think they would advocate that very so-called pollution to warm up the planet? CALLER: You never know. He probably would, knowing Algore. He’s kind of cuckoo. RUSH: No, wouldn’t happen. It would not happen. CALLER: Hmm. RUSH: It wouldn’t happen because then they’d be terribly conflicted because they’d be advocating pollution — and besides, the reason they wouldn’t is that they’d be promoting capitalism. This global warming movement, the whole thing is nothing but an anti-capitalist rant. It’s a religion, it’s not science, and the proof of this is — you said it was geography class where you had to watch this? CALLER: Yeah. RUSH: Are they giving you anything counter to it? Are they showing you anything else or asking you to read something that disagrees with Algore’s propaganda? CALLER: Nope. RUSH: Of course not. They say it’s science, right? CALLER: Yep. RUSH: Well, how can there be science when so many scientists disagree with it? CALLER: Exactly. RUSH: If there’s consensus, it can’t be science. It’s impossible. Science is not up to a vote. Science is what it is. This is no different than a bunch of idiots saying the world flat, getting 3,000 scientists come up with an agreement and going to the UN. That wouldn’t make it flat. They would just say there’s a consensus, and a bunch of brain-dead idiots that follow along would somehow believe it. Are you threatened by your disagreement? Do you make your disagreement in class public? CALLER: Yeah, I did, because we had to do our opinion on it, and everybody else says, ‘Oh, it’s real,’ and I ended up getting yelled at by everybody else after class saying, ‘You’re an idiot.’ RUSH: How do you react? I mean, does it threaten you? CALLER: No, no. I know what I believe, and I think it’s right, and I’m not going to fall for this. RUSH: In this case you don’t have to think it’s right. You can be very confident that you’re right. CALLER: Exactly. RUSH: Let’s see, I was going to ask you one other question about this. Have your parents been forced to go to the class and watch it, too? CALLER: Nope. RUSH: That’s happening in Florida. CALLER: Hmm. RUSH: Kids are being told their parents have to come and watch this Gore movie or they might suffer consequences in their grade. CALLER: That’s crazy. RUSH: Yeah. It’s more than crazy. It’s frightening. Some of these parents are coming out of there and they’re becoming true believers in this propaganda as well. It’s an ongoing battle. But here, look, I have the brand-new issue of the Limbaugh Letter here, folks, with me on the cover as Moses. Let me zoom in here on this just to show you. I’m rolling back the global warming BS. That’s the cover story in the latest issue of the Limbaugh Letter. You’ll be getting yours soon. I, of course, as editor and publishing get mine first before anybody else does. I’m still waiting for my peace mug. We got the samples back yesterday. There’s something wrong with the color. So there was a tiny little color problem. We sent ’em back to the manufacturer. I’m going to get my sample of the final peace mug product on Monday, then they’ll be good to go. Kayla, it’s great to hear from you. Keep it up. Don’t buckle. You’re on the right side of this.

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