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RUSH: Here’s Jenny in Dubuque, Iowa. Jenny, thanks for waiting, you’re on Open Line Friday. CALLER: Mega dittos from the great state of Iowa, Rush. RUSH: Thank you. CALLER: I have a problem with a comment you made last, I think it was Tuesday about why — you wondered why — all lesbians thought that Rosie O’Donnell was the be-all and say-all. RUSH: That’s not what I said. What I said was, Rosie O’Donnell is a de facto spokesman for American lesbians, and I just asked a question: ‘I wonder how American lesbians feel when Rosie O’Donnell is out there saying some of the truly stupid things she says like Christianity and militant Islam are no different, they’re just as violent.’ CALLER: She’s an idiot. RUSH: Well, yes, she is.
CALLER: You said all lesbians, and I’m a lesbian — RUSH: Yeah? CALLER: — but some of us are educated and conservative. I served 12 and a half years. RUSH: Well, okay, then I should have said liberal lesbians. CALLER: Thank you very much. RUSH: All right, I apologize. CALLER: Okay. The other point is, I served 12 and a half years in the Army. I was a female paratrooper, and I’d love to join your all female squad. There’s only one problem with that, Rush. You’d have to have them all bleeding at the same time. RUSH: (Laughing.) Thank you, Jenny, for that. Did she say what I think she said? Yes, you did. I’m looking at the transcript. You’re talking about the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion, and you’d like to join it? CALLER: Oh, I would. But you’d have to have so many. You’d have to get them all cycling together. RUSH: Well, that happens when you group them together, doesn’t it? CALLER: Well, not necessarily. Now, I was in charge of a whole floor of women, Rush, and I got an award for that — and trust me, you gotta get ’em all in one cycle, and they never are. RUSH: Well, look, I am by no means an expert in this, but I’ve been told — this is part of the research I did in formulating the concept of the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion, and that is — that sororities and all these various places where women live together, group, that they end up being on coordinated cycles. CALLER: Well, but then you’d end up with them all dead because they’d kill each other. RUSH: Well, no, I don’t know. You, again, are more qualified than I to answer that. I think, frankly, this might be one of the problems with Drive-By news networks. You know, all the women working together at the same time and coordinating and there’s just certain times of the month when these news networks get even more wacko. CALLER: (Laughing.) I would tend to agree. RUSH: Yeah? Well, see? We end up on the same page. CALLER: Yes, we do, Rush. RUSH: Under the same parachute. CALLER: Yes. If you actually get it going, please let me know, because I definitely would love to join. RUSH: Well, thank you. You’re the first applicant we’ve had. CALLER: (Laughing.) RUSH: You’d probably be the commander. CALLER: I definitely could train your soldiers. RUSH: (Laughing.) All right, Jenny. I appreciate that — and again, I apologize. I meant liberal lesbians. I was not assuming that all lesbians are liberals. I just assumed that the lib lesbians knew I was addressing them when asking them their thoughts on Rosie.

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