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RUSH: Bob in Ava, New York, you’re next on Open Line Friday. Hi. CALLER: Hi. Dittos from a reformed McGovern Democrat. RUSH: Well, thank you very much. You ought to recognize the modern-day Democrats, then. CALLER: They were nothing like I was. RUSH: No, but the modern-day Democrats today are doing their McGovern imitation. They’re McGovernizing the whole Democrat Party today. CALLER: Well, I got an education and grew up, and now I’m a Republican. RUSH: Well, we’re happy to welcome you to the fold here, sir. CALLER: Anyway, my question is, I have two on Korea. Number one, do you think we can attain an internal peace in Iraq by following the same program we did in Korea?

RUSH: You mean by subdividing the country? CALLER: Yes, by putting the Shi’ites in the north and the Sunnis in the south with the US in the DMZ. RUSH: Well, you know somebody has that idea. Do you know whose idea that is? CALLER: Nope. RUSH: Come on, it’s one of your former buddies. CALLER: (Laughing.) RUSH: Joe Biden. CALLER: My former buddy was JFK. He was a Democrat I liked. RUSH: Well, if JFK came back to life as he was in the sixties he wouldn’t be a Democrat today. CALLER: I know. RUSH: He couldn’t be a Democrat. They’d keep him in the party but he wouldn’t agree with any of them. He’d be persona non gratis. The first thing he’d do is propose the tax cuts and they’d exile him from the party. Subdividing or partitioning the country isn’t going to work. That’s not a long term solution to the problem. Victory is. It’s possible. This is the thing that continues to amaze me, when Americans ask if victory is possible. It’s a sad thing that they ask. Many of them who have doubts obviously have as their formative experience in their lives the Vietnam experience where we lost, and we lost for precise reasons, political reasons. The Drive-By Media today, the Democrat Party, are trying to repeat what they think are their glory days from the Vietnam era and Watergate in order to secure defeat because they own it. They are full-fledged owners. They’ve got the deed of defeat not only in Iraq and the war on terror. In fact, I’ve got a great sound bite here. This is Madam Albright last night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. Cooper says, ‘Look, Tony Blair spoke today about stepping up the pressure on Iran. You’ve said in the past pressure needs to be put on them. How do you put pressure and yet de-escalate at the same time?’ ALBRIGHT: I think that the sanctions that the UN voted last week are very important. They show a unanimity of agreement among the powers on the council, and that is pressure, but at the same time I hope that there are a lot of diplomatic activities going on behind the scenes. I’m concerned, Anderson, about an accident in the Persian Gulf with our forces in there and the Iranians with kind of loose ships. We do not need another war at this point. RUSH: Did you hear this? What is Madeleine Albright’s number one concern? Here the Iranians have illegally captured 15 British soldiers, marines. They were not in Iranian waters. They’re being held. They’re being used now for propaganda purposes. They’re being forced to write letters that are full of lies. They’re being paraded around in violation of the Geneva Convention, and Madeleine Albright is worried about our Navy. She’s worried about our Navy causing an accident. So this is where they come from: everything is our fault. The question that Anderson Cooper asked, ‘How do we ratchet up the pressure and yet de-escalate at the same time?’

I’ll tell you what, folks. The Iranians are surrounded by us. We are engaging in stepped-up military activity and naval activity on the waters that border Iran. We’ve got troops in Iraq; we’ve got troops in Afghanistan; we’ve got troops everywhere — and don’t think they don’t know it. This is exactly how the game is played. You have a spokesmen for the Democrats, Madeleine Albright, saying, ‘The UN. We gotta go to the UN! The council has to do something about this.’ The Brits have already gone to the UN, Ms. Albright. They’ve already demanded a ‘statement of disapproval.’ Do you think the mullahs are going to cower in fear over that? If the mullahs are afraid of anything in this situation, it is indeed our presence. That would be a good thing, but not to them, meaning the Democrats.


RUSH: Another letter supposedly written by the female hostage in Iran has been released. I am unsure of this. Snerdley tells me that the female in this contingent was the leader of that group of 15 that the Iranians took hostage. Are you certain about that? Are you certain that she was the leader? You read it in one place. When did you read it? Was it today? Two days ago. Well, cast that aside, because we don’t just trust one source here at the EIB Network. We have to have triplicate sources before we go with anything. A-hem. Nevertheless, another letter. I am stunned at the lack of attention by the Drive-By Media to the obvious violations of the Geneva Convention. This female is being forced to dress up in Iranian garb and wear a burqa or whatever they call the scarf. They’re being paraded in ways that violate the Geneva Convention, but they’re also being shown eating hearty meals, and the latest letter written by the female hostage — and, by the way, folks, make no mistake about this, those letters are dictated, and this hostage is writing what the Iranians are telling her to write. She makes a point — I find this hilarious — she makes a point of saying that she and her 14 fellow hostages are being treated royally; they’re being treated very well ‘unlike the way we treated prisoners at Abu Ghraib.’ (Laughing.) The Iranians are spouting Ted Kennedy talking points. The Iranians are putting US Democrat Party talking points in the supposed letters that the British hostages are writing and releasing. Within that context, it’s hilarious. It’s not a humorous situation, but the sad thing is, the thing that’s very sad about this, is that you know there are some dummkopfs in this country who read this in their Drive-By newspapers, and they believe it. The Iranians are probably laughing themselves silly, too, knowing full well that the Democrat Party and the American left are eating it all up. It’s just sad.


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