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RUSH: I predicted this. I predicted it in an instant message session I was having with my buddy F. Lee Levin two or three weeks ago, and then I shared that with you on the air. I said, ‘It’s not going to be long. You wait ’til Giuliani rises to the top of the Republican crop, and the Drive-Bys are going to take him out,’ and that has happened. There’s a new poll out here, and the Drive-Bys are all in a tizzy over it. Giuliani beats Obama by one point, and beats Hillary by ten points. Obama beats Hillary. They can’t figure this out, and they’re all over TV today trying to analyze what’s wrong with this, what’s wrong with Hillary, and they’re concluding it ain’t good. Some of these Drive-Byers are saying, ‘I know some people in the hierarchy in the Democrat Party.’

‘Oh, really? You know some people hierarchy in the Democrat Party?’

‘Yes, I do, and they’re saying privately that they’re very concerned here about these numbers with Hillary, negatives are just way too high.’
I could have told you that. She’s the most polarizing figure out there. We just had a Harris poll the other day that 50% of the people said they’re not going to vote for her or wouldn’t vote for her. So anyway, Rudy has risen to the top here of the heap on the Republican side. McCain, too, by the way. McCain would beat either of them. Ah, you know what I think about these early polls. But the people who treat polls as gospel, why, they’re going to be in Panic City. So, lo and behold, the New York Times today: ‘Testimony by Giuliani indicates he was briefed on Kerik in 2000 and may have not been forthcoming with the grand jury.’ Washington Post: ‘Giuliani faces questions about September 11th.’ It’s all about how the firefighters don’t like him because they think he screwed up the radio communications. Firefighters and their families don’t like Rudy. That’s what the story says. I know the firefighters are union guys in Hillary’s pocket. It doesn’t matter. What I’m telling you is that the Drive-Bys are aiming at Rudy now. I predicted this would happen, and it has. I was in the process of minding my own business yesterday, hosting the program, and as you know, we’ve got the Drive-By news channels on the monitors, and I happened to see this graphic that went by, and I saw it, and I said, ‘Please tell me that I didn’t see that. Tell me I’m hallucinating.’ The crew on the other side of the glass assured me that I wasn’t hallucinating, that I had seen it. The graphic said that Rudy Giuliani said that he would want his wife Judith in cabinet meetings. I said, ‘No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.’ Here is the sound bite. It was on Good Morning America yesterday. Barbara Walters, fresh off her puff piece with Hugo Chavez, was talking with Rudy and his wife Judith, and Walters said, ‘How much involvement will your wife have in your campaign?’ GIULIANI: As much as she wants. WALTERS: Will your wife be involved in policy decisions? GIULIANI: To the extent she wants to be. I couldn’t have a better advisor. WALTERS: Will you sit in on policy meetings? JUDITH: Again, if he asks me to, yes, and certainly in the areas of health care. WALTERS: If and when you were president, would Mrs. Giuliani sit in on cabinet meetings? GIULIANI: If she wanted to. If they were relevant to something that she was interested in, that would be something that I’d be very, very comfortable with. RUSH: Why? I know you people are reacting to my reaction, ‘What are you, some kind of a sexist?’ No, I’m not. I’m not a sexist. (interruption) Be careful about what? Snerdley’s warning me to be careful. Why, you think I’m on the verge of getting in trouble again? On what basis could I get in trouble? How could I get in trouble with any response that I have? He doesn’t even know what I’m going to say. He thinks I’ll get in trouble by telling the truth about what I want to say about this. If that’s the case then what you think my truth might be is that you think I get in trouble with women, right? Well what’s new about that? I’ve been in trouble with women my whole life. It isn’t going to change. Well, I guess what we’re to take from this is that we have to pretend that Judith’s on the ballot, too. He’s doing it to get the Hillary vote. Isn’t that why half the people in the country have negatives about Hillary? She wasn’t elected and tried to take over the whole administration. Isn’t that why? (Big sigh.)

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