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RUSH: I’m going to grab one more call. It’s Cheryl from Elko, Nevada. Cheryl, I have one minute so please squeeze it in there. Thank you for calling. CALLER: Hi. I just wanted to remind everyone, as you said earlier, the military is 100% voluntary. My husband is 59 years old. He joined the Army reserves a little over a year ago — RUSH: Fifty-nine, you say? CALLER: Yes, sir. And he is in better physical shape than most of the people he works with. RUSH: Well, you would know. CALLER: He — (laughing) — is serving in Iraq currently, and he is an orthopedic surgeon. The sacrifice we made for him to go over there and save lives was we closed our doors, and we have no income right now. RUSH: But he went because he wanted to? CALLER: He wanted to serve his country. RUSH: God bless both of you. She’s responding to a guy who called earlier, a liberal, a confessed liberal, tried to hornswoggle me into agreeing that at some point defeat would be possible. I’m smarter than these tricks played by liberals. Thank you so much, Cheryl. I appreciate your waiting.

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