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RUSH: Algore was in Oslo yesterday. He has ‘won praise from a man with the power to change lives – the head of the Nobel Peace Prize committee – after a speech urging more action to fight global warming. ‘A very important message’, Ole Danbolt Mjoes said after hearing Gore, a nominee for the prestigious award, say the planet was under threat from a build-up of greenhouse gases caused mainly by burning fossil fuels.’ Gore’s over there lobbying! That’s cheap. You’re not supposed to lobby for this thing. You’re supposed to have dignity. You’re supposed to sit back there and let the selection process take its course. But there’s Gore, over there lobbying for the Nobel Peace Prize. I’m not doing that. As you know, I’m an accredited nominee this year for the Nobel Peace Prize and I’m not over there speaking to these people about anything. We submitted our application full of qualifications, the résumé, and all of the support materials. We’re not going over there trying to influence these people and their votes. Stein Toennesson, head of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo, said, ”’I have Gore as a clear favorite. I think the committee will be unable to resist the temptation to add their voice’ to concerns about global warming, he said. Objections include that former US President Jimmy Carter won only in 2002 and it may be too soon for another US Democrat to win. The 2007 prize winner will be announced in October.’ I don’t even know why Gore is qualified for this. What in the hell does global warming have to do with world peace? I have done more for world peace and to promote liberty and freedom, than Algore has. Now, don’t misunderstand, I know what the Nobel Peace Prize is, which is why I have been nominated. Also, ever since I started talking about this remarkable series on the Discovery Channel, Planet Earth — Wendy, have you watched that? Wendy, you’ve got to watch this, the next two episodes, 11 part series, it is just phenomenal. It’s the best series of its kind to show all life forms other than humans, and how they survive and how they live and where they do it and so forth. If you watch this (I’m not trying to be provocative here), there is no way you will conclude that switching these bulbs will make an iota’s bit of difference on the fate of the climate on the planet. Anyway, one of the things we learned is that male polar bears and male grizzly bears eat their cubs. I said, ‘I don’t know why,’ and they didn’t explain this in the series. In fact, if a polar bear female gives birth to two polar bear cubs, she has to choose one. She can only nurse one. One will die, whether the male eats it or not — and of course lightbulbs and fossil fuels have nothing to do with those deaths, but yet children across the world are being scared and frightened to death that we are killing the polar bears. Anyways, I’ve had a lot of answers on why the male bears eat the cubs. Here’s what I’ve been told. (I’ve looked this up and it seems to be accurate.) They don’t eat their own cubs. It is other males who come along and find other females with their cubs. They eat the cubs because when the mother is nursing, she cannot be in heat, and all the male bears care about is sex, and so they eat the cubs to stop the mom from nursing, and she goes into heat when that happens. It’s the Bill Clinton effect in the bear world. That is why they eat the cubs. It’s simply so the female will go into heat and they can have a good time.

BREAK TRANSCRIPT RUSH: This is Randy in Savage, Minnesota. It’s nice to have you on the program, sir. I appreciate your waiting. CALLER: My pleasure. Tera dittos from a lovable rank amateur. RUSH: Well, I love people that know their limitations. CALLER: Thank you. I do. And I listen to you to expand those rights. RUSH: Thank you. CALLER: You’re welcome, sir. I’ve been walking around and I’m having some trouble walking because I’m trying to get my toes to uncurl after hearing Madeleine Albright talk about foreign policy again. RUSH: Wasn’t that amazing? The real threat in the Iranian situation is our Navy being too present, too large. It might be a mistake and an accident can happen out there and trigger another war. CALLER: See, it just shows what I learn by listening to you. RUSH: Well, I didn’t mean to curl your toes. CALLER: No, it was Madeleine Albright that curled my toes. I’ll get over it. It was just some bad flashbacks. But the reason I called Rush, was, it seems to me you’ve got an obstacle to overcome in your pursuit of the peace prize, because, see, by the fact that you let your actions stand on their own merits means you’re going to be bringing decorum, civility, propriety and humanity back to the peace prize. RUSH: Humility being the key. CALLER: Absolutely. See, and because you would accept it and let your actions, like I said, just speak on their own merit rather than having a — I’m not going to say ‘marketing’ but a — lobbying campaign by somebody like, say, I don’t know, Algore and the years long lobbying campaign by Jimmy Carter, you’ve got that obstacle to overcome. They’re expecting lobbying, and I’ll be more than happy to go as your lobbyist over there if you want. RUSH: Well, see, but what you’re saying is I’d have to do it myself. A lobbyist can’t do it. Gore’s over there lobbying for himself; Carter went around lobbying for himself; Clinton’s been lobbying for at least six years for this, and of course, you’re right. I’m doing this the dignified way and letting my résumé, merits, achievements, accomplishments and devotion to liberty, freedom and peace speaks for itself. CALLER: Absolutely. See, I’m pulling for you. See, I’m Scandinavian, but the thing is I’m Swedish, so they probably wouldn’t accept me in Oslo. RUSH: (Laughing.) Well, don’t worry, I’m not going to send you as an emissary anyway. If I were to really tackle this head on, I’d have to go myself. I would have to go Oslo and I’d have to go to this Olaf Whatever, and ask to make a speech. Snerdley’s got a great idea. Screw going over there. They probably wouldn’t see me and let me make a speech, but I could send them a Nobel Peace Prize mug and a Nobel Peace Prize T-shirt. We could get two or three of them from the EIB Store. These guys have clearly shown over the years they can be bought. It’s just a question of the price. That’s not a bad idea. BREAK TRANSCRIPT

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