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RUSH: This ‘epic,’ as AP calls it, ‘epic war powers struggle,’ is a pork bill. It was 218-212 vote. The liberals voted, essentially here, to fund spinach and not the soldiers!

‘No, Rush, no! There’s funding in this bill.’

Yeah, funding through March of 2008. Yip yip yip yip yahoo! This is a pullout date. This is not funding the troops — and note, it’s an election year in 2008. This is pure election year politics, which is what everything the Democrats are trying to drum up these days is all about. It took twenty-four billion in bribes and threats from the Office of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and her assistant, Steny Hoyer, in order to bring these Democrats in line. Epic war powers struggle? What’s the headline? ‘House OKs Timetable for Troops in Iraq,’ $24 billion in bribes and threats, 218-212. All of this — $24 billion in bribes and all these threats — got Pelosi a six-vote margin. I thought the Democrats were unified! Why, I thought these people were unified. This House is in disarray.

They used to call Tom DeLay ‘The Hammer.’ If this had happened with the parties reversed on any other issue, all we would be seeing today would not some ‘epic anti-war struggle,’ epic this or epic that. We’d see: ‘Tom DeLay, The Hammer, yanking on people’s heads and chains and bashing them over the head and whipping them into line! It’s Tom DeLay, The Hammer.’ Well, if DeLay is The Hammer, then I proclaim a new title for the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, today: The Briber. Nancy Pelosi had to bribe her members with spinach. There’s $25 million for a single spinach farmer in this bill, and that’s why I say that the liberals in the House 218-212 voted to fund spinach and not the soldiers. They’re out there claiming now that these people are ‘patriotic.’ This is a new definition of patriotism: funding spinach over the troops. It’s spinach. It’s not lettuce (those in Rio Linda may not know the difference), but this is a $24 billion dollars for all kinds of pork, among it $25 million for spinach.


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