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RUSH: This is about Bill Clinton and a fund-raiser at a gym. He went to a workout place and women had to cover up their skimpy clothes at the Clinton fund-raiser. ‘But it was all T-shirts, Lycra and sneakers streaming into the SoulCycle spinning studio on the Upper West Side in Manhattan last evening, as about 35 women and 5 men paid $2,300 apiece (or per stationary bike) to hear former President Bill Clinton speak and take questions for half an hour on behalf of the Democratic presidential campaign of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not everyone came ready to sweat.

”There was more makeup in that spin class than I had ever seen in my life,’ said Charla Krupp, a writer who attended the event. ‘Everyone looked like they had just come from the beauty salon.”

Remember, now, there were 35 women and five men, so 40 people there.

‘Among the unusual details of this most unusual fund-raiser is that everyone was given a long-sleeved white cotton T-shirt to wear over workout clothes. Usually people wear as little as possible for spinning,’ because they’re in there trying to get noticed, let’s just put it up. Unless you go to an all-female gym — and they’re still trying to get noticed there, in their own way. Everybody knows what these gyms are for. They serve a dual purpose. This is the alternative of going to the bar or the church. From the story: ”People tend to wear sexy spandex outfits with midriffs showing,’ Ms. Krupp said. ‘But in deference to the [horn-dog-in-chief] president, we wore these shirts that said, ‘Exercise Your Vote.”’

They had to cover up their mid-riffs and everything, in deference to Clinton. Now, do you think Hillary’s hand might have been behind this? Who came up with this idea anyway — $2300 bucks per exercise bike — to have a fund-raiser in a gym?

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