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Well, the House Democrats are pulling together a budget, folks, and– surprise, surprise– it will increase spending for domestic programs across the board. And it will let the tax cuts passed under Republicans wither on the vine and die.

Now, of course, the Drive-By Media is operating as the Democrat PRdepartment on this; an AP story claims more revenue will flow into the treasury “if President Bush’s tax cuts indeed disappear.” The exact opposite is true!It’s been proved every time it’s tried! JFK to Reagan to W. –tax cuts increase revenue. Always have; always will! (There’s more money falling into the treasury now than anybody expected!)

But let me tell you: this budget process is a huge political opportunity for conservatives, nevertheless. This is a three-trillion-dollar budget, but for Democrats,no — still not enough! They want to kill your tax cuts; they want totake more of your money so they can pour it down the black hole of Big Government. To produce what? Failed government health care? (Case in point: Walter Reed.) A failed public school system, despite record spending? Andwe just got a report this week that skrool cafeterias aren’t even being inspected –in spite of all the billions that go to federal lunch programs! We got a report yesterday that a third of adults in Washington, DC are functionally illiterate (and we can’t find out how many of them workfor the federal government)!

Let me give you conservatives a little hint, here,on how to get back in the power seats: Get back to basics! Reaffirm the guiding principles of conservatism. And Principle No. 1 –limited government and freedom from oppressive taxes! It is time to go on offense! We are waiting!

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