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Hey — does the name Waleed bin Attash mean anything to you? You ever seen an in-depth profile on the Drive-By evening news of this man?

Well, if not (because you haven’t), let me give you a thumbnail. According to American intelligence, young Waleed comes from a family of “prominent” terrorists. His father, Mohammed, was close to Osama bin Laden. His younger brother Hassan is a guest at Club Gitmo– having arrived at the tender age of 17. Several other brothers attended Al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan.

Now, Waleed is still young –still only in his late 20s — but he has an infamous past. And last week, Waleed bin Attash admitted that he helped plan the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania –which killed over 200 people. He also admitted his role in organizing the 2000 attack on the USS Cole, which killed 17 members of our military. Waleed, we learn, was a bin Laden choice for the 9/11 attacks; he couldn’t get into the US in time.

Until last fall, Waleed was held by the CIA in a secret prison. Now he’s down at Club Gitmo, one of 14 “high-value” terrorists facing military justice.

Yet what little press there is about Waleed is full of sympathy. Liberal legal and media experts bemoan the closed tribunals. They wring their hands over his confession: Was it coerced? Was he tortured or abused? These are the same liberals who complained about the secret prisons and Club Gitmo who take issue with everything America does to win the war. To them, Waleed bin Attash– prominent terrorist– is just anotherIslamofacist victim!

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