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RUSH: Elaine in Pittsburgh, I’m glad you called and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Oh, thank you, Rush. I love talking to, I love listening to you. What I wanted to know was, in the Senate, the testimony that Valerie Plame gave where she said someone just walked by and just recommended her husband. But if she was there, is that not nepotism?

RUSH: Yes, it is, but there’s something more incredulous about this than just that. By the way, members of the Senate intelligence committee who were listening to her testimony said, ‘She never said that. She never told us that when she testified under oath. We never knew there was call from the vice president’s office to one of her underlings near her desk, and we didn’t hear about this mystery guy walking by.’ In order to believe Valerie Plame, you have to believe the scenario. She’s sitting at her desk minding her own business doing her cute little covert duties. Then, out of the blue, the phone rings at one of her assistants’ desks. This person hangs up the phone and storms over to Ms. Plame, breathlessly and angrily and says, ‘I don’t believe this. The office of the vice president just called here wanting to know what the hell’s going on with this uranium business in Niger. What are they doing calling here?’ As though the vice president has no right to call the CIA to seek answers to questions that are showing up in the newspaper. So at about that time, when the underling was expressing outrage and shock that the office of the vice president would call, a mystery man goes traipsing by, overhears the conversation as Ms. Plame is being reported to by the underling, and in the midst of the conversation, ‘Wait a minute –’ the mystery guy says, ‘Wait a minute, Valerie, your husband, why don’t we send him over to figure this out?’ Do we really believe that’s how this happened?


RUSH: That’s what she said under oath.

CALLER: No, you can’t.

RUSH: You can’t believe this. Now, as to your question, yes, it would be nepotism. She’s trying to hide behind the rock that said she didn’t have authority to send him, but she certainly had the authority to suggest it because mystery man sent her home that night and asked her to mention it to her wonderful husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson IV.

CALLER: Just one more quick question, Rush.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Her husband outed her himself by him writing the op-ed piece in the New York Times. And where is the CIA saying that you can’t do that kind of stuff? If he went to Niger — actually, they should interview the people who talked to him.

RUSH: Look, look, this whole thing’s a mess. There should never have been an investigation once it was known who leaked her name, which was Richard Armitage, should never have been an investigation. That’s why this whole thing smacks of a conspiracy to destroy the Iraq war policy of the Bush administration, and maybe more.

CALLER: All right. Well, thank you, Rush. I listen to you every day.

RUSH: By the way, this is a paraphrase of a quote from Joseph Wilson IV, renowned ambassador and all that rotgut. But he actually said, and it’s a paraphrase, ‘that this administration has been taken over by a bunch of neocons and I’ve made it my personal duty to destroy them.’ Now, somebody sent me this the other day, my home e-mail actually, so I don’t know where he said it, but the point is that she’s up there saying, ‘We need to get politics out of the intelligence services.’ There’s her husband who is obviously — he’s a sixties, you know, commie lib, he’s out there doing what he can to advance those values. But, yeah, your questions are all valid. Frankly, I’m surprised, too. Tell you one thing. I expected the end of her testimony there to be gaga, goo-gooing all over the place, but you know what the Drive-By accounts was? The Drive-By accounts were mostly, ah, not much there except a little screen test, not much there, but this blonde looking super spy coming up, we didn’t learn much. There really was not the excitement that I thought there would be over the substance of what she said.


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