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RUSH: We’ve been discussing today a column by a guy named David Ehrenstein of the Los Angeles Times entitled, ‘Obama, the ‘Magic Negro.” It’s all about how white people supporting Barack Obama can’t possibly be doing it on the basis of substance, because there’s nothing about him and he’s an empty vessel. Nobody knows enough about him to support him on the basis of policy or substance. So the white people supporting Barack Obama, ‘the magic negro,’ are doing so precisely because he’s ‘the magic negro.’ By supporting him, white people get to assuage their guilt over this nation’s history with slavery and the Confederacy and all this other tripe. This has led to a number of points being made by me, brilliantly, on this program. It is the left in this country that looks at people and sees their skin color or their gender or their sexual orientation as the first things they notice about them. The whole point of this piece is to accuse white people of being racist.

They don’t really like Obama. They don’t really like black people. They feel guilty about what this country’s done to black people. So they support Barack because he’s the, quote, unquote, ‘magic negro.’ This is the same newspaper that has run a couple of stories on Is Obama black enough? This prompted a drive-by caller, Dan from Fruitport, Michigan, to suggest that the Democrats, since they feel so bad about this, should offer black credits to somebody like Obama, who is not black enough in the eyes of the LA Times and other liberals. So he can go out there and buy black credits, like Gore offsets his carbon use with carbon credits. Obama, ‘the magic negro,’ could offset his lack of blackness with black credits. He could then say he’s down for the struggle and that he has roots in the civil rights movement. Reverend Sharpton is upset, Obama, where were you when we marched for justice in Selma? and so forth. So clearly it’s just remarkable to continue to witness the actual racism that exists on the left, using the term ‘magic negro’ to apply to you white people who are supporting Obama.

I was singing a song in my head here during the break, ‘Barack the magic negro,’ doo doo doo doo. [Puff the Magic Dragon tune] Uh-oh, Dawn is shaking her head on that. (interruption) What are you saying? If I do that then I will own the term because I will be taking it above and beyond how it’s been used? Well, that’s what we always do here. We do parodies and satires on the idiocy and the phoniness of the left. Yeah, we could put a LA Times lyric in there to make it obvious who it was that actually used the term. Don’t start telling me to shy away from this stuff. That’s why I’m where I am. That’s why I’m who I am, and for which I make no apologies. I’m very proud and happy to be who I am. (interruption) Well, I know he’s for universal health care and surrender in Iraq, but what’s unique about that? You can vote for any Democrat for that except Lieberman, and he’s not running. (interruption) They’re shouting at me in the IFB again. The point is that they’re trying to tell me that Barack Obama does stand for things, regardless of what the LA Times columnist says. Look, don’t argue with me. Call Ehrenstein. He says he’s an empty vessel that doesn’t stand for anything, and therefore any white support is baseless.

It’s just racist in nature.

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