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RUSH: Robert in Herndon, Virginia, it’s nice to have you with us, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Hello. How are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Yes, yes. By the way, I was at the anti-war rally on Saturday here in Washington, DC, and it turned out to be the Vietnam War Reenactment Weekend — with the original cast, unfortunately.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s just a bunch of wrinkled has-beens.

CALLER: Yes, yes, baby boomers on parade. So it was quite a show.

RUSH: You know, there was a Gathering of Eagles protest at the same time, counterprotesters, and they dwarfed the anti-war crowd in numbers.

CALLER: Yeah, when I went over there, I saw the American flags, and I thought, ‘Oh no, are the left getting smart and adopting the American flag?’ Then I realized, ‘No, that’s the pro-America rally.’

RUSH: Yeah, the anti-war crowd is not waving the flag. This is an interesting point that you make, your observation. It is one that has been noticed for the last four years. There have been a number of anti-war rallies around the country. One of the funniest ones was some conference involving Central American countries and trade. It was down in Miami. They had a bunch of anti-war protesters and they really were a bunch of gummers, people walking around with cans of Fixodent in the back pocket replacing the cans of chewing tobacco. They were rolling around in their wheelchairs. If this group ever smiled at the same time, they’d stop everything and declare it Halloween. Of course, this group doesn’t smile. So there was no fear of this. But it’s these aging retreads from the sixties. They have not recruited a bunch of yutes. The 18 to 24s, the college students of today, are not out there marching against this war — other than in select places like the Bay Area. This is distressing. Of course the Drive-Bys ignore all this, and the Drive-Bys ignore the fact that this protest was dwarfed.

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