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By the way, a number of you people have noted that it’s taking a little longer each day to get the site updated, and that’s because we’re going to be unveiling a brand-new site next week. We’ve been working on this intensely for the past two to three weeks. It’s just a redesign. In order to get ready for it, we’re doing both sites — the current site and a new, revised site — with each day’s content and then putting it through rigorous tests so we can get as many of the bugs out of it as possible. But as you know, with new software there are always going to be bugs. There are probably going to be some next week when we intend to launch it, hopefully on Monday. I’ll let you know on Monday if we’re able to do it. The bottom line is you can still go to the website. It may be a little late before it updates. Usually it’s by six o’clock Eastern. Sometimes it’s taking closer to 6:30, even seven this week. That is the reason why.

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