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RUSH: Tom from Long Island, nice to have you with us. You have one minute. Make it count.

CALLER: Okay, Rush. I’ve been listening since 1996. I listen to you on the Internet and I get the station WLS, and they play commercials during your show advertising a website that ‘fights global warming,’ and they make some very egregious claims.

RUSH: Well, that’s fine. You can’t hold WLS to blame for this. WLS, like all of our affiliate stations, are in it for the money. It’s a business. Don’t misunderstand that. The global warming crowd, why should they advertise to their choir?

CALLER: They advertise at least once an hour every day on your show.

RUSH: Fine and dandy. It means they’re worried about us here. It means that we’re effective. I applaud WLS for taking this kind of effort. Now, I am a little offended. I’ve been getting word that some of the spots running on our smaller affiliate stations are for penile enhancements. That is a concern, but the libs buying global warming spots on LS? Bring it on.

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