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RUSH: Democrat presidential candidate Mrs. Bill Clinton yesterday said that there’s still a “vast right-wing conspiracy” out there.
MRS. BILL CLINTON: If anybody tells you there is no vast right-wing conspiracy, tell ’em that New Hampshire has proven it in court. We have the facts and we’re going to make that a crime.
RUSH: They’re talking about some push polling or something going on in New Hampshire. But I’m offended. I have to tell you, I am offended by this notion that the vast right-wing conspiracy is “back.” It never left, Mrs. Bill Clinton! I am the (Ruskie accent) “Mister Big” of the vast right-wing conspiracy.
She said, “My only regret was using the word ‘conspiracy’ because there’s absolutely nothing secret about it.” That’s right, Mrs. Bill Clinton! Just turn on the radio and you can listen to the vast right-wing conspiracy each and every day.
It hasn’t gone away and it never will go away.

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