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RUSH: Bob in Lutherville, Maryland. You’re next as we go to the phones on the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Hi, Rush. Listen, I know there’s been some people calling saying that they felt that you could do more to help us out in the conservative movement, and I’m one of those people, and what I suggest is, you know, you’re the only person that’s got the contacts — who have got the connections — to help start something really big. A few years ago, one faction of the libs had what they called a Million Man March on DC.
RUSH: It was Calypso Louie Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam.
CALLER: Well, I think you — with the connections you’ve got, with the national media, with your website, with your newsletter, you can, with the people you know, you — could help us organize, and that’s what we need. I think we conservatives need someone of your magnitude to help us organize. Begin a movement where we could do a two or a three million man march or whatever on DC, where we could organize and basically get out there and show these libs that there are a whole lot of conservatives out there who are just tired of the stuff that is going on. You know, we can show that by writing e-mails and sending letters and so forth, but I think that the numbers being right out there in their face is what we need to let them know that, hey, we’re there.
RUSH: I know.
CALLER: And you are the only person that I think could get a movement like this started.
RUSH: Let me ask you a question. I appreciate your confidence and your thoughts on this. But what did the so-called Million Man March accomplish other than popularizing the number 19?
CALLER: I tell you what I think it did accomplish. It was in the media for a long time —
RUSH: Yeah, but what did it accomplish?
CALLER: — and it was being organized, and I think that is what’s going to happen because it’s going to make the —
RUSH: Yeah, but do you remember what it was about, theoretically? The Million Man March was aimed at black men, and it was aimed at getting them to stand up and take responsibility.
CALLER: Exactly.
RUSH: Right.
CALLER: But in this case, I think we’re talking about not just men. We’re talking about conservatives.

RUSH: I know. What I’m talking about, is this a proper technique? Is this going to generate results? Is this going to get anything done?

CALLER: I think it would, because I think it’s not only going to show the libs that there’s a lot of people who are tired of what’s going on, it’s also going to show the RINOs that we’re just fed up. I think we could have speakers. I think the massive numbers and the speakers — with the contacts that you would have to get speakers and people who would support this, I think it could be something big.

RUSH: Let me tell you something.

CALLER: It’s not just the march itself but it’s the attention that it’s going to get in the liberal media.

RUSH: Look, I understand what’s behind this. Conservatives sometimes feel lost and alone. They want people to know how many of them there are, how vocal, how passionate — and they want to be noticed. I guarantee though, if I ever did something like this, the first people who would be knocking down my door to speak would be the RINOs. I’d have to go out there and say, “No RINOs.” Anyway, I appreciate the idea. I appreciate the thought. I appreciate your confidence in my ability to organize something like that. Keep in mind… Let’s say we did this, just hypothetically, and we were able to put together a three million people march on Washington. Do you realize that the Drive-By Media would report it as a hundred thousand, ‘confirmed’ by the Park Police? There would be no aerial photos. We’d have to hire our own blimp to prove it.

Snerdley is reminding me that they did tell the truth about Dan’s Bake Sale, but you gotta remember the timing of that. NBC sent an info babe out there. It was Al Roker’s wife, whose name was Deborah Roberts who is now Al Roker’s wife. She wasn’t Al Roker’s wife at the time, but she’s Al Roker’s wife now because she got married between then and now. There were giant traffic tie-ups on the interstate highway leading to Fort Collins. I flew in there in a helicopter. I couldn’t believe it. We got down to where Dan’s Bake Sale was, and they estimated there were 75,000 people there. NBC on the Saturday Nightly News did a story they called ‘the Conservative Woodstock.’ But back then, this is like a circus act to these people. The report was (being sarcastic) saying, “Oh look at this bunch of animals that got out of the zoo. Isn’t this cute?” It wasn’t threatening to them then. Today it would be threatening. Of course you’d have the Reverend Jacksons and others on the left, the pro-choicers, the feminazis, and they’d all be accusing us of trying to steal their turf and their technique. It’s interesting to ponder. I appreciate, again, the confidence expressed in me by the caller.

RUSH: Martin in Dawsonville, Georgia. Welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Hello, Rush. Long-time listener, first-time caller.
RUSH: Well, great to have you on the program, sir. Thank you.
CALLER: Thank you. I think your first caller had the right sentiment but he had the wrong action plan, and the reason is that conservatives generally don’t march because they’re too busy working.
RUSH: Yeah, that’s true. Conservatives are. I know that his idea is rooted in being noticed.
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: He thinks conservatives are invisible out there, and I can understand the feeling. Individual people in the country here who are conservative feel that way, because they’re never highlighted in the Drive-By Media except to be laughed at and impugned.
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: Or made fun of.
CALLER: Right, but I think people are looking to you to lead a movement because there is no conservative out there who is doing it. Newt is kind of in the background talking about it, but I think people are looking for you to issue a call to arms and lead a movement with a concrete action plan. I have some suggestions as to what I think that should include.
RUSH: All right, let me grab a piece of paper here. Hang on just a second. (rustling) I’m going to grab a piece of blank paper from the printer here and take notes. All right, fire away.
CALLER: Well, I think the action plan ought to be to put continual heat on the Republican Party to stay true to its roots, and —
RUSH: Well, wait, wait, wait, now. Some might say that it is. Traditionally the Republican Party has been a blue-blood country club party. The Republican Party has featured a bunch of moderates and liberals. The Rockefeller bunch, remember that? They’re RINOs now. I think what needs to happen is conservatives need to be unafraid to take over that party.
CALLER: Well, you’re talking about the Northeastern Republicans for the most part, but I’m talking about the red state Republicans: the blue-collar, the guys that are trying to start new businesses, the working class Republicans, the entrepreneurs, the entrepreneur class, the people —
RUSH: Okay, so basically you’re talking about people who elect conservatives as Republicans that go to Washington and stay that way.
CALLER: Correct.
RUSH: Put pressure on them to be true.
CALLER: Correct.
RUSH: I agree.
CALLER: And the way that I would do this is to periodically interview the head of the RNC or whoever it is, to call them to account for keeping in line what I call the “Stray Dog Republicans.”
RUSH: Well, I have a problem. I don’t do guests. I have format restriction on guests.
RUSH: What do I do about that? Make an exception?
CALLER: What I would do is, just like you have your global warming update, have a Stray Dog Republican update, and identify those Republicans who are straying off the reservation when it comes to votes in terms of supporting the president on troop withdrawals, on funding the troops, any kind of hot-button issues that conservatives are keen on, to identify those Republicans that are straying from the reservation.
RUSH: That’s an excellent idea — and you realize that as a caller, any idea becomes our property totally?
CALLER: That’s fine. Run with it. To follow that up, I would take those Stray Dog Republicans and remind them that they are vulnerable in the next primaries that come up and to try to identify conservative challengers for the Stray Dog Republicans in primaries.
RUSH: Well, now, that’s what the party does. Interestingly, like the Congressional Campaign Committee on the Republican side and in the Senate, they are to go out there and find the candidates who can win, and they do it based on what are the vagaries of each district in terms of a congressional race. If you need a Republican who’s not conservative to win in a certain district, in a certain state, then that’s what they’ll go out and find.
CALLER: Right. I think a light needs to be shined on these Stray Dog Republicans to keep them in line before it gets to primary day so that the heat is continually on them just like another program puts the shining light on judges, liberal judges that give lenient sentences on child sex abuse cases.
RUSH: I’ve gotta run here because of time, but that’s an interesting idea: Stray Dog Republican update. We can find a way to do this in an entertaining and penetrating way.

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