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RUSH: (story) ‘Key House Democrats plan to insist that the Pentagon shut down Club Gitmo, where I have a thriving merchandise business, and “are contemplating the relocation of many of the 385 or so remaining terrorist suspects to military brigs along the East Coast — including Quantico, Va., and Charleston, S.C.” Well, this is really great for you people in Quantico, Virginia, and Charleston, South Carolina. Jim Moran (Democrat-Virginia), wants Al-Qaeda terrorists in your neighborhoods. “It sets us back on the war on terrorism to be maintaining [Club] Gitmo,” said Jim Moran. ‘It will enhance our reputation to close it down and to apply our system…’ Oh, for crying out loud! We have the sound bites. This is C-SPAN’s Washington Journal today. Peter Slen the host talking to Jim Moran, and he’s asked about this. “Politico leads its paper this morning with this story and your picture, ‘Democrats want [Club] Gitmo [where Rush Limbaugh has a thriving merchandise business], shuttered, and prisoners sent to the US.’ You propose cutting off funding for [Club] Gitmo?”

MORAN: We’re going to close down Guantanamo. We would like to win this global war on terrorism.


MORAN: But we’re not going to win it militarily. We have to win the battle of ideas.


MORAN: To do that, we have to win it through the example that we set for ourselves.


MORAN: Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights is the strongest weapon we have to discourage extremist elements from attacking the United States, hating the United States, working against our interests.

RUSH: What absolute sophistry. What naïveté. Osama bin Laden is going to look at the Bill of Rights and say, ‘We can’t attack that country; they’ve got those ten amendments. We can’t do that!’ Hey, Jim, he already did before we had Club Gitmo. They already did. You doofus! To sit out there and talk about how it will improve our image? It can’t be done. That’s not what this is about, and it’s not how you win wars with people like this. It’s not how you win wars, period. Here’s more from Moran. He continued here.

MORAN: When we hold people indefinitely, hundreds of them, without charging, it undermines that example that we are trying to set — and our enemies can say, “Well, sure, they have a good Constitution and Bill of Rights, but look at the way they abuse it. Look, the fact is that they don’t… They’re not good to their word. They don’t follow the law.”

RUSH: None of this matters! They’re not even looking at this stuff other than for propaganda purposes! They can run around and say that the US doesn’t follow its own Bill of Rights and so forth. We have granted these terrorists, because of Democrats like Moran more citizen-oriented constitutional rights than any other military combatants and prisoners of war in history — and it’s still not enough! We put US interrogators in jail. We brought ’em up on charges. Military personnel, soldiers and Marines have been put in jail, and it’s still not enough for these people who own defeat and certainly will secure it if they are ever given the power to pull it off. It’s amazing to me the naïveté — and I know that it is — in addition a desire for us to lose. But these are people that actually think they can go over and talk to these people and make them go away if they’re just in charge? Democrats are just in charge, and if they get the White House, why, they can show Europe and they can show socialists and they can show terrorists and they can shows these militants that want to destroy us that they don’t have to do it now, because we Democrats are in charge, and we love you!

The terrorists around the world are going to go chuckle. ‘Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!’ They’re going to go to Mohammed and say, “Look at what a bunch of idiots that we’re dealing with here! These people are a bunch of saps. It’s not going to take us nearly as long as we thought.” Why do you think terrorists were pulling for Democrats, openly, before last November’s elections? I kept pounding that before the elections. It didn’t matter. Republicans are so angry they wanted to teach Republicans a lesson. But what does it say when Al-Qaeda-like terrorists all over the world are openly advocating and campaigning for Democrats? What does it say? Maybe to too many people it says, ‘Put Democrats in there. We’ll leave you alone,’ but that naïveté is dangerous.

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