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RUSH: Wakefield, Rhode Island and Josh. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: How are you doing, Rush?
RUSH: Fine, sir.
CALLER: I have a quick question for a successful, conservative media icon. I’m a cartoonist. I’ve been making cartoons, animation, and refuse to get into any sort of media without selling my soul to the libs.
RUSH: Well, that’s good. I mean, you shouldn’t do that.
CALLER: It seems almost impossible. I live in Rhode Island, where everything is extremely liberal down here. I want to shoot myself sometimes.
RUSH: Well, yeah, no question you’re up against it in Rhode Island. What is this, Stump The Host? You’re going to ask me how to do this?
CALLER: Yeah. I just wondered if you had any advice on how to break into the media when the majority of it is like pushing against you?
RUSH: Well, let me ask you a question. Has it been done by people?
RUSH: Yes, it’s been done by me.
RUSH: It’s been done by Bruce Tinsley, the guy who writes the Mallard Fillmore comic strip. There are a number of cartoonists who work for conservative publications. We, of course, at the Limbaugh Letter have an art director, and we farm a number of work orders. There’s all kinds of opportunity. Conservative media is a growing thing. If you want to apply at liberal media outlets, feel free. Go ahead and do it. Don’t get hung up. Just apply. Paper the country with applications of your work.
RUSH: Don’t be afraid. If you get turned down because of ideology, you get turned down because of ideology. But there are plenty of places to apply. Don’t go into it with this negative attitude that you have to sell your soul. Don’t sell your soul. Be who you are. Let your work stand out. Let your work speak for itself. If it’s good, somebody will find you.

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