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RUSH: We go to the Becky in the hometown of Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana). Well, maybe not hometown, but he’s there. Becky, how are you?
CALLER: I’m doing great.
RUSH: Terrific. I’m glad you called.
CALLER: Is this Rush?
RUSH: Yeah, this is Rush. I’m sorry. Yes.
CALLER: Oh! Hey, Rush. I just called to say thank you, because I’m 22, and I was raised Southern Democrat. Every member of my family is probably Democrat. But thanks to you, listening to your show, I’ve been able to reform my ways and get a lot of good information — and I’m now a Republican.
RUSH: Well, more importantly, are you a conservative?
CALLER: Not so much. I’m definitely not a liberal. I guess I consider myself…
RUSH: Well, look, if you’re not a liberal, you’re conservative.
RUSH: There’s an axiom. This is a truth of life.
CALLER: Uh-huh.
RUSH: Any person or organization who is by definition not conservative is, or will become, a liberal –and the converse is true.
RUSH: So you are conservative, and we welcome you to the fold.
CALLER: Thank you. (Laughing.)
RUSH: And I’m happy to take credit for it. How did this happen?
CALLER: Actually, it would be thanks to my boyfriend.
RUSH: Wait a minute. I thought it was thanks to me!
CALLER: Well, he introduced me to your show.
RUSH: Okay. So it is thanks to me.
CALLER: Yes. He listened to your show every morning, and at first when I started listening to you, I really didn’t agree with anything going on, and then I started to read the news a little bit more and take more interest in what was going on, and it really did teach me a lot.
RUSH: Well, you people are making my day today. Look at all the converts we have out there. Look at all the converts that are happening here all over! It’s great, Becky. Thanks for the call. I appreciate it.

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