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RUSH: From the LA Times today: ?A vast undersea wedge of gravel and grit holds the ice streams of West Antarctica in place like a doorstop, even as rising seas caused by global warming threaten to undermine them.?
Damn it! These wedges of gravity and grit are not giving way! They ought to be giving away, damn it! The Antactic ought to be disintegrating before our very eyes!
But it’s not!
“West Anarctica encompasses enough frozen fresh water, 7 million cubic miles, to raise sea levels worldwide 16 feet if its ice sheet disintegrates.” Does anybody predict that Antarctica’s west glaciers are going to disintegrate? For crying out loud, you people, it is time to get with the program here! This is getting ridiculous every day, more and more so. The extremes to which these consensus builders are going to convince you is bordering on the sublime. ?In a sense, this new finding is a measure of how much researchers have yet to learn about a remote continent of ice miles thick that is still responding to the end of the last Ice Age about 10,000 years ago.?
Meaning they can’t predict anything!
??Every time we look at the ice sheet, we find something new,? said Penn State geoscientist Richard Alley. ?Understanding these mysteries will be necessary to predict the behavior of the great ice sheet in a warming world.??
So now they gotta figure out how to predict the behavior of the great ice sheet which they can’t figure out.
Hang in there, Rush. It will get better.

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