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RUSH: Let’s go to some audio sound bites from ESPN. They just can’t get me off their mind. Did you see this yesterday? Huh! Wait ’til you hear this. Jim Rome is Burning, is the show. I like Jim Rome. I met Jim Rome. He had a couple guests on there, St. Louis Post-Descratch writer Bryan Burwell — a huge radical who doesn’t make much sense in much of anything he says — and Terence Moore from the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation, discussing Shaquille O’Neal. Shaquille O’Neal of the NBA, came out yesterday and said that the MVP award in the NBA is tainted. There?s something not right about it. He didn’t go further, but the thing is the last two MVPs I think have been won by Steve Nash, at least last year’s one was Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns who happens to (How shall I say it?) not be black. So in this exchange — and O’Neill said the last five or six years the MVP award doesn’t mean much because it’s tainted or some such thing. That prompted this exchange on Jim Rome is Burning.
BURWELL: The one thing I’m glad of is he didn’t go Limbaugh on us and say it was the media that was desirous of a white point guard doing well. I’m glad he didn’t go there.
ROME: Not yet he hasn’t.
MOORE: He was kind of hinting along that way.
ROME: Did he, without saying it? Was that where he was going?
MOORE: There’s a lot of people trying to make this Shaq/Nash thing a racial thing.
RUSH: Yeah, and who are they? The media! (Laughing.) Shaquille O’Neal didn’t say it. Who is it that’s obsessed with it? The media! (Laughing.) Mr. Burwell, you are such a dunce. You open your mouth and you validate everything I say about you guys. Of course, the last comment came from Terence Moore of the Atlanta Journal, but still the media is the media. If it’s the “sports media,” it doesn’t matter. They’re all the same agenda-orientation.
?There’s a lot of people trying to make this Shaq-Nash thing a racial thing.?
Who? The people talking about it! The media!
?At least Shaq didn’t go Limbaugh on us and say it was the media desirous of a white point guard doing well,? and Rome said, ?Not yet he hasn’t.? Moore: ?He was kind of hinting at…? (Laughing.) I love these guys. (interruption) Well, they did get the premise right on the McNabb thing. Yeah, big deal! I mean, okay, it’s been four years. You want to give them credit for getting it right after four years, Snerdley? You do? Fine. What Snerdley is talking about here is they got the premise right. At least Burwell said, ?The one thing I’m glad of is he didn’t go Limbaugh on us and say it was the media desirous of a white point guard…? Of course I didn’t say anything about McNabb! I talked about media.
But it’s on their brains. It’s still on their brains.


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