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RUSH: Checking the e-mails, somebody said, ?You haven’t talked about the Scooter Libby trial. What do you think of the Scooter Libby trial?? Well, I think the trial’s a joke. I mean, I could spend a lot of time on it. I don’t even call it the Scooter Libby trial, I call it the Viagra-Cialis-Levitra trial. Well, you know all these warnings about if an erection should last longer than four hours, go to the emergency room. This trial is arguably the longest erection in Drive-By Media history and it’s over something that is purely bogus.
Byron York today writing at National Review Online points out that in closing arguments yesterday, Fitzgerald pointed the finger at Dick Cheney. I have always known that Cheney was the target of this. I think this is purely personal. I think this guy got the case, found that there was no case and just didn’t have the guts to say there’s nothing here.
I’ve never understood this guy never questioning anything Joseph Wilson ever said to him. I don’t know that Wilson has ever been put under oath. He’s just overlooking Wilson’s flat-out lies. The prosecutor is willing to skirt past all the other witnesses who had serious memory losses, and yet embracing their failed memories, all to target Libby. What worries me about this is this is a DC jury, and the odds that you’re going to have a lot of people on that jury that hate the Bush administration are pretty good. I have no clue how this is going to turn out. I guess hung jury is the best thing that could be hoped for, unless this jury just concludes that no witness could remember anything they said and why in the world is Libby being singled out for this?

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