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RUSH: Jack in Wimberley, Texas, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Nice to have you with us.
CALLER: Thank you, Rush. You’re my leader, my mentor, and you know a lot about a lot of things, but you don’t know the Prius automobile.
RUSH: Well, I don’t know the Prius automobile. I’ve never met one.
CALLER: Have you ever even —
RUSH: — Jetsonsmobiles that don’t fly, but other than that, I’ve never driven one.
CALLER: That’s what I figured by the way you talk. I heard you say one time, and you hit on them a while ago. I just had to call, but I heard you say one time that they don’t accelerate. When I went in a demonstrator and went up on the freeway there were a couple 18-wheelers close by, so I kicked it pretty good. You don’t hear anything and you really move, and I told the salesman, ?Wow, this thing got up and moved pretty good.?
RUSH: Okay, what’s it —
CALLER: You’re driving 95 miles per hour.
RUSH: Whoopee.
CALLER: Now, that’s plenty fast for me, baby.
RUSH: What does it do zero to 60? How much time does it take you to go zero to 60, do you know? Does the owners manual say, have you tried it?
CALLER: No. No. And I don’t know —
RUSH: Well, I have three cars that do it in under five seconds —
CALLER: Oh, sure, sure, sure.
RUSH: — and none of them are Priuses.
CALLER: And of course a Ferrari will do better.
RUSH: I don’t have a Ferrari.
CALLER: A Jaguar will do better.
RUSH: Pardon me?
CALLER: A Jaguar would do better, as the English would say.
RUSH: What I have would make a Jaguar look like a Prius.

CALLER: But you’ve gotta remember the common folk and what we do. I’ve never been excited or I haven’t been excited about a new automobile for a number of years, and this one I really, truly enjoy driving ?
RUSH: You know something? I’ve never been a car guy. I’ve never been one of these ne’er-do-wells with the rear end jacked up so high in the back that you need a stepladder to get in the trunk and all these people who run around and run drag races. Cars have never been a big deal to me until 2002 or ’03. I bought the finest car I’ve ever owned and I appreciate this car more than any car I’ve ever had. But up until then, no big deal to me. I don’t care that you have a Prius. My only point about the Prius, and I don’t mean to condemn it, I think it’s a vanity buy; it’s an emotional buy. They’re being sold to you —
CALLER: No. No. No.
RUSH: — on the basis —
CALLER: I don’t get emotional about that. I was in the oil business all my life.
RUSH: Okay, you are. You’re buying this for a political reason, you’re buying this —
CALLER: No, I’m not. I’m buying it because my wife said she wanted one.
RUSH: Okay, I left that out.
CALLER: You don’t have that type of training right now. But it’s an exciting car to drive. I have a very good friend that’s retired — we live in a retirement area —
RUSH: Once you get that —
CALLER: — go back to Houston to consult, he’s got a Lexis and his wife has a Prius. He drives his wife’s Prius.
RUSH: Look, about the fact that I don’t have that type of training right now, once you get that type of training you never forget it.
CALLER: That’s right. I’ve been married for 54 years.
RUSH: Yeah. Well, what do you think of this story I’ve got coming up: ?Study: Men Hard Wired to Ignore Their Wives.? Doesn’t sound like they talked to you.
CALLER: No, I may call back. Enjoy your program and enjoy all you have to say, but don’t knock the Prius ’til you try it, baby.
RUSH: Okay, baby. I’m not knocking the Prius. It’s just like I don’t knock labor unions per se. Just understand what you’re doing if you join one. I would never tell somebody you shouldn’t become a member of the union. Let ’em do it. If you want to go buy a Prius, go buy it, but if you think you’re saving the planet and if you think you’re retarding global warming, get real. You’re being sold a bill of goods by a bunch of Hollywood leftists and the car companies who are trying to get in good with all the conventional wisdom on global warming and so forth. By the way, we have a huge global warming stack here today that’s just hilarious, some things that are in it.

RUSH: Back to the phones, Sherman in Albuquerque, New Mexico, welcome, Sherman, great to have you with us.
CALLER: Hello, Rush. I’ve been listening to you for almost 20 years, Rush. So at any rate, listen, the reason why I’m calling is I believe we’re an enlightened society, and I believe that while maybe the Prius isn’t the answer to all our questions —
RUSH: Wait a minute. Would you define enlightened society for me? Because I think parts of our society are enlightened and others are still clueless with their heads in the sand.
CALLER: Right. We’re clueless if we don’t recognize that we can’t have an unchecked use of oil in our society without paying a price for it. And so while the Prius may not be the answer, the concept of the Prius might be the answer.
RUSH: What’s the price that we’re not paying?
CALLER: The price is empowering the jihad by paying them in petrodollars. That’s why. We wouldn?t care less about the Middle East if it wasn’t for the oil. And I’m not saying the war is about the oil, but they’re empowered through our purchase of petrodollars, and I’m not saying just us, but the whole world —
RUSH: Well, I happen to agree with you, but some in this country who you I’m sure would say are enlightened, are totally opposed to ourselves finding our own stocks and supplies of oil.
CALLER: I agree, but, you know, Rush, that’s only a Band-Aid. We got to be an enlightened society, and the concept —
RUSH: It would not be a Band-Aid. We have the Chinese drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. We have the Mexicans drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. We have the Cubans starting to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, and we can’t.
CALLER: But an oil-based society is wrong, Rush. We’ve got to use other ways —
RUSH: No, it is not. We’re an oil-based society, and we run the world. We are the envy of the world economically, and we are the cleanest country in the world. We clean up our messes. The Prius to you is a symbol. It’s exactly what I’m saying. It?s not practical.
CALLER: There you go. I agree with you. I agree with you.
RUSH: All right.
CALLER: It’s just a symbol, but we gotta understand that we have to–
RUSH: Thank you for calling.

RUSH: No, go ahead and finish. I’m just kidding. Oh, did he hang up? Go ahead and finish. He hung up. All right, folks, dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut. May as well get to the global warming stack. Here’s the update theme.
(Playing of global warming update theme song.)
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. That song hit number two for a couple of weeks in 1968. I remember playing that as a struggling young disc jockey star of the future and we’ve undercut that with the wicked witch of whatever melting from the Wizard of Oz. By the way, when I first auditioned this tune, the three people on the other side of the glass here just revolted. They just thought it was the worst sounding and I saw them moving and grooving to it as we just played. Dawn, you didn’t realize you were doing it. You were sitting in there dancing like it was disco time.
All right, I have some of the most hilarious and revealing stories in our global warming stack today. From the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday, story by Jared Blumenfeld and Susan Leal. Listen to this. ?San Franciscans and other Bay Area residents enjoy some of the nation’s highest quality drinking water, with pristine Sierra snowmelt from the Hetch Hetchy reservoir as our primary source. Every year, our water is tested more than 100,000 times to ensure that it meets or exceeds every standard for safe drinking water. And yet we still buy bottled water. Why? Maybe it’s because we think bottled water is cleaner and somehow better, but that’s not true. The federal standards for tap water are higher than those for bottled water. The Environmental Law Foundation has sued eight bottlers for using words such as “pure” to market water that contains bacteria, arsenic and chlorine. Bottled water is no bargain either: It costs 240 to 10,000 times more than tap water. For the price of one bottle of Evian, a San Franciscan can receive 1,000 gallons of tap water.?
Now, stop and think of this. ?For the price of one bottle of Evian, a San Franciscan can receive 1,000 gallons of tap water. Forty percent of bottled water should be labeled bottled tap water because that is exactly what it is. ? Clearly, the popularity of bottled water is the result of huge marketing efforts. The global consumption of bottled water reached 41 billion gallons in 2004, up 57 percent in just five years. Even in areas where tap water is clean and safe to drink, such as in San Francisco, demand for bottled water is increasing. ? Most of the price of a bottle of water goes for its bottling, packaging, shipping, marketing, retailing and profit. Transporting bottled water by boat, truck and train involves burning massive quantities of fossil fuels. More than 5 trillion gallons of bottled water is shipped internationally each year. Here in San Francisco, we can buy water from Fiji (5,455 miles away) or Norway (5,194 miles away) and many other faraway places to satisfy our demand for the chic and exotic. These are truly the Hummers of our bottled-water generation. As further proof that the bottle is worth more than the water in it, starting in 2007, the state of California will give 5 cents for recycling a small water bottle and 10 cents for a large one.?
This story goes on and on with statistics left and right designed to stop people from drinking bottled water on the theory that it is leading to global warming and on the theory that it is cheaper than tap — which it is. There’s no question. I’ve often felt sorry for the Big Oil guys. I mean, look at what they have to do to get oil and then turn it into refinable products, and look at what these bottled water guys have to do. They just have to go to a spring or somebody’s tap and turn it on, fill the bottle. There’s no R&D or nothing. It’s practically pure profit, but people think that it is safer. Anyway, these two people in San Francisco have gone into great detail here into expressing just how damaging to the environment bottled water is. You could make the case after reading this that it is causing more environmental damage than oil.

RUSH: Oh, by the way, you see what Steve Jobs said about public school teachers? Whoa! Well, no, I don’t think he’s lost his mind at all. It’s just interesting nobody is criticizing him. It just proves you have to be certain people to get away with saying certain things, because Jobs is not saying anything about public school teachers that I haven’t said or that any Republican presidential candidate hasn’t said, but they routinely get trashed and destroyed, discredited, the kitchen sink thrown at ’em, and it’s not happening to Jobs. Anyway, details coming up. Just a couple quick things here. This is from the UK Independent. ?Organic Farming No Better for the Environment.? All of you people out there — organic chicken, organic milk, organic this, organic that — think you’re helping the environment, you’re full of it.
?Organic food may be no better for the environment than conventional produce and in some cases is contributing more to global warming than intensive agriculture, according to a government report. ? The 200-page document will reignite the debate surrounding Britain’s ?1.6bn organic food industry which experienced a 30 per cent growth in sales last year.? So organic food is no safer than chemically treated food. It’s another scam that the left has tried to trick us into. I don’t buy this organic garbage. I see it on the menu, organic this, organic that, grocery store — well, I don’t go to the grocery store, but I instruct the staff, ?If you?re going to get organic stuff, get it for yourself, but not for me.? All organic means is that it’s grown in manure. It?s au natural. The idea that human beings destroy all of this is the underlying root of this garbage, and it’s rooted in the fact that these people do not believe in God. I’m telling you, I’ve extrapolated on this many times before. Let’s see. There’s one more thing in this stack. Well, there are a couple other things here.
This is from The American Spectator today, ?Former Vice President Al Gore has been spending the bulk of his time campaigning hard with voting members of the Academy for Motion Picture Arts, committing more than $500,000 of his own money to the PR campaign set up to win him an Oscar.? I know producers of other movies go out and they do this kind of thing — well, I don’t know if they do this. $500,000 — well, they do, PR campaigns, buy their own ads and so forth. But I thought he was a shoe-in. I’m surprised that Gore thinks he has to pay to win this. I thought this movie, what is it? Inconvenient — what — Truth, I thought this was so wonderful, I thought it was a shoe-in for an Academy Award. He’s gotta go out and buy it.
?When Gore and his aides were approached about providing similar dollar amounts ?? talking half million dollars here ?– in support of ending the slaughter in Darfur, Gore declined, say fundraisers for the Darfur initiative. It isn’t surprising, then, that Gore is willing to overlook other inconvenient angles in his pursuit to end global warming. Despite advice from some of his environmental advisers, Gore is insisting that there be a musical performance of some kind from Antarctica during the July 7th ?Inconvenient Truth? 24-hour concert to end global warming.? Well, send the Red Hot Chili Peppers down there. A concert from Antarctica. He?s seeking corporate donations but will not donate to the Darfur initiative to end the slaughter and the genocide there, and wants an Academy Award for his stupid documentary.

RUSH: Mike in Richmond, Virginia, welcome to the program, sir. Great to have you with us.
CALLER: Hey, Rush, God bless you. Hey, I just wanted to say truck driving and progressive rock dittos to you. I wanted to tell you a little bit about the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. That is an excellent selection, an excellent selection for a global warming update.
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: Not only because it’s seductive and alluring as a song, just like the arguments of the left are for global warming, but it is also, if you listen to the lyrics of the verses, it really sounds like a liberal talking down to you. I mean, if you’ve never heard the verse, it’s amazing about how you worked hard and you saved and earned but all of it’s going to burn, and your mind, your tiny mind, you know you’ve really been so blind. It’s just perfect. And not to mention the drummer in that band was Carl Palmer who went on to play with Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
RUSH: Well, you obviously know a little bit about Arthur Brown himself if you know about the drummer.
CALLER: Well, I know some things about Arthur Brown. I know he’s still around. He’s still making music.
RUSH: Yeah, Arthur Brown, he’s British, born in England.
CALLER: Yes, he is.
RUSH: He was part of the sixties movement. He was a radical. He didn’t make any money off this song even though it sold bazillions of copies. He had financial problems and so forth. But I read a little biography of the guy. Yeah, he’s still around, and he was a long-haired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking guy back in the sixties as most were in music.
CALLER: He still is today.
RUSH: Well, he’s bald today.
CALLER: I guess in spirit he is.
RUSH: Exactly right, exactly right. May still have maggots, I don’t know.
CALLER: Yeah, yes.
RUSH: Just kidding.
CALLER: I had just one other thing, which is really more of an Open Line Friday type of question if you’ll bear with me.
RUSH: Fine. What is it?
CALLER: I have been dying to ask you this for years. Going back into the Clinton years, I remember at one time people were asking if you would consider forming and heading up a true conservative party. What you said has rung in my ears for years. That if we ever got to the point where we had a Republican president and Republican majorities in both houses of Congress and the conservative agenda still couldn’t get passed, that you would give it some thought. And I was wondering, in light of all that has happened, what do you think about that these days?
RUSH: I don’t remember saying that, but I’m not denying that I said it, but I said so many things over 18 years —
CALLER: I’m sure —
RUSH: — that I can’t possibly remember. But I can tell you now that I wouldn’t head it up. I’m not going to start a third party. Third parties are doomed.
CALLER: I figured that was true because if you were going to do it you would have done it by now.
RUSH: That’s right.
CALLER: But considering that — you should get the memory division on that —
RUSH: Well, I?ll look it up, but you gotta keep one thing in mind here, and that is I am not in politics. I talk about it, but I don’t live in the political world. I am in broadcasting. I am in media. Those are two totally different worlds. Talking about political parties, political activities, getting elected, getting votes as opposed to acquiring an audience, they are two totally different things, and if I wanted to be in politics I would have done so long ago, and I would have quit this and go get in it, and I don’t have any desire to do that. But I appreciate your faith in my ability to do so nevertheless.

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