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RUSH: Brian in Baltimore on a truck, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Hi, Rush. How you doing?
RUSH: Fine, sir. Thank you.
CALLER: I’ll get right to the point. I sit in this truck every day for 15 years listening to you, and hoping and wishing that you would do more. I’ve watched these liberal pukes put their liberal propaganda out for years, and just hoping that you would just do something like a documentary and have someone like Thomas Sowell or somebody narrate it, and get the truth out there, kind of like Dick Morris is going to do about Hillary Clinton. Because you are so influential, and we sit out here day after day hoping that you will just bombard these people with the truth, because you have the power, and you have the influence to be able to change this country.
RUSH: I agree.
CALLER: And we need you to do more. That’s about all I got to say. I’ve been waiting 15 years to talk to you. I’ve been talking to you, but I never talked to you on the phone. (Laughing.) That’s about all I gotta say.
RUSH: Well, I appreciate it. That’s a mouthful. I appreciate all of the support, the thoughts that were intertwined with your comments, particularly the notion I’m not working hard enough. That I love, too. Let me just say I’ll take this under advisement, like I take all these other suggestions under advisement, such as a cartoon show for kids on American history and a number of other things. You never know. You know what my problem is, folks — and it’s a problem, in the sense, looking at comments the gentleman just made. I love doing what I’m doing. It’s professionally satisfying. I’ve had my stint at television, and I know that I don’t want to do it every day again. No, I don’t want to direct. What I want to do is earn money when I sleep, folks. That’s my next objective.
I want to maybe produce the documentary but somebody else has to do the work. (I’m just kidding about that.) You gotta have the ambition to do it, and my lifelong ambition has been this. By all rights I shoulda quit because I have achieved my life’s ambition, but I don’t quit and I don’t even plan on it because I enjoy it too much. Look, I’ve never had goals, either. I never had strict short-term goals because I always found them too limiting. If I had a strict short-term goal I might miss out on an opportunity that would present itself that I had no idea was coming. So I appreciate the vote of confidence and the suggestion, and so forth, and while no such thing is on the horizon, I don’t ever rule anything out. The only thing about a documentary is, who would carry it? Before I get a documentary I’d have to go out and buy a network, and to do that I would have to go into a little bit of debt. (interruption) Yeah, just a little bit. I don’t want to go into any debt.

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