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RUSH: This is Ray in Atlanta. You’re up next, sir. Nice to have you on the program.
CALLER: Hey, Rush. How are you doing?
RUSH: Fine, sir. Thank you.
CALLER: I’ll make a quick comment and I’d like to just get your response on it.
RUSH: Yes?
CALLER: I’d be real interested in the military’s nonbinding resolution to Congress’ nonbinding resolution.
RUSH: The military’s nonbinding resolution to Congress’? What is the military’s nonbinding resolution?
CALLER: Well, most likely it would be something to the effect of the resolution that is out in the House is a resolution of defeat, and I’d be real interested in the military putting together a nonbinding resolution in response to the resolution that’s out there floating.
RUSH: Okay, what would you like the military’s resolution to say? I don’t know what you want me to comment on.
CALLER: Well, I think the military… I would like for them to somehow be able to say without recrimination what they really think of these weak, lily-livered politicians in Washington.
RUSH: Well, they can’t. Maybe I’m taking you too literally here but they’re not allowed to comment on this while in uniform. They’re not allowed to, unless being questioned by congressmen at hearings like General Petraeus was, and he said that these resolutions are going to help the enemy. They’re going to embolden the enemy and they’re going to hurt morale. There’s not much more to say about these resolutions than what’s being said, and that is they’re nonbinding. They’re gutless. The Democrats don’t have the guts to pull the funding from the war, so this is really nothing more than political posturing. There are some, I guess, halfway interesting political things. The Republicans — I have no sympathy for this, by the way — are bellyaching, whining that the House Democrats promised them that there would be another resolution showing support, and Steny Hoyer said, nope, sorry, not going to happen — and the Republicans are running around saying the Democrats lied to them.
Well, really? The Democrats lied to them? Stop bellyaching and go win elections! You know what it’s like to be the minority in the House of Representatives. You have no power whatsoever, and you’re not going to get it back if you keep whining (crying), “They won’t let us have another resolution.” (Crying). Just go win elections! I’m getting sick and tired of this whining and moaning, particularly when it comes from Republicans who know full-well who the Democrats are. But these are nonbinding resolutions. The House? Who cares? Maybe some of this is my mood today and just not feeling up to snuff because of this cold but, frankly, I think it’s irrelevant. We’re going to have the surge. We’re going to kick ass. We’re going to kick butt, and the Democrats are going to be out in the cold once again on all of this. This is the kind of stuff that’s going to backfire on them big time. The bigger story, to me, is in the Senate where the Republicans held together and thwarted their resolution. I like that some liberal columnists are starting now to question Hillary Clinton, like Richard Cohen in the Washington Post today.

I have the piece in the stack here and I’ll find it and give you specifics, but basically he’s saying, Mrs. Clinton, this is getting real tough to believe, because it makes it look like every man on the face of the earth can trick you. George Bush can trick you. Your husband tricked you. You say you didn’t know, when you were giving President Bush the authority to go to war. You didn’t really think he’d go to war, when everybody in the world knew that’s what he was asking for — and you say you got tricked and your husband tricked you. Kim Jong Il tricked you? Who else is going to trick you? Those are my words, rather than his, but it’s pretty much the point. By the way, the North Korean deal? Everybody’s got their opinions about this. I’ve found, gazing at various websites, that the conservative media is not at all on board with this. They think it’s a big trick. They think that Kim Jong Il has never lived up to any deal he’s made. Why should he start living up to them now? The only caveat to that is China, and that is if the North Koreans do their usual North Korea trick here, it’s not just to the United States.
This deal is the result of the famous six-party talks of which China was a member and participant. So if Kim Jong Il stiffs this agreement, he’s stiffing the ChiComs — and it may not be something he wants to do. Because the ChiComs are in the lead on this. They’re out in front on this. Time will tell. But, man, are we giving them the store! We’re giving them everything. I added it up. It seems like almost a trillion dollars worth of stuff, food and everything. It’s a lot. We’re giving them all kinds of food; we’re giving them fuel; we’re giving them forgiveness of debt, all kinds of crazy things, all in exchange for them promising to dismantle their nuke program — and to this point no one is even sure they have one! We know they’re trying, and they ran this so-called test, but nobody’s really sure that it was a successful test of a genuine, arrived nuclear program. Anyway, I think most people’s reaction to this is based on common sense. They’ve reneged on every deal. They reneged on a deal with the Clinton administration. Why make a deal with them now? What is it that never seems to change about the West when arguing and negotiating with communists? Why is it that we never understand that they lie? I think that answers can be found in various areas of “diplomacy,” the state department and the triumph of “good intentions” over common sense. It’s probably no more complicated than that.

RUSH: Back to the phones! To Redding, California, this is Robert. Welcome, sir. It’s nice to have you on the program.
CALLER: Rush, 16 years of dittos, birthdays, and anniversaries.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: By the way, [Anna Nicole Smith’s baby] couldn’t be your kid. It would be a pay cut. You wouldn’t get any money out of it; you’d have to give money.
RUSH: That probably is true. That’s right.
CALLER: How much would a trillion dollars do going towards missile defense, speaking of that Kim Jong Il money that we’re going to spend over there?
RUSH: Well, that’s a good question. I think there’s a lot of hope invested in “diplomacy,” and people say, “Maybe we can get rid of this threat,” and so forth. There are people looking for an instant success, by the way, in a troubled area, and this can be passed off as an instant success. “Okay, we’ve got the nukes of North Korea off the table. Wow, progress is taking place here!” I think that’s part of one of the motivational process to get this done. But is your point we could give them a trillion dollars, or we could invest it into missile defense and not have to give them the free aid and so forth?
CALLER: And then we’d be protected from every two-bit wacko.
RUSH: Well, that’s true, if it works. It does work, but we’re by no means ready to deploy it. I don’t know. I’m going to have to look into this a little more because I’ve got a couple things I’ve received in e-mail today trying to tell me why it is a different and a good thing. Others disagree. John Bolton is on television saying this is not good. It’s totally reneging on a plan he put in place while at the United Nations that contained stiff sanctions and so forth. In my addled condition here, riddled here by the ravages of the common cold, I must tell you people that I look at everything in the news today as a cynic. I just look at it as it’s all BS, and (interruption). It’s not that way every day. Snerdley says, “How does that differ from every other day?” With North Korea, I think the bottom line here is that there are people — in the Bush administration, wherever — that want to be able to claim a success in an area of nuclear proliferation, and they can say here, “Okay, we’ve taken the North Koreans off the table and we brought all these other countries into the deal. We brought South Korea in. We brought ChiComs in. We brought the Japanese in.” So now if the North Koreans renege on the deal, they’re actually reneging against the ChiComs and a number of others, not that that would stop this stupid little potbellied dictator. But he may be enough of a pervert that if he got enough cognac in the deal, and enough pornography tapes and DVDs and so forth, plus enough food to keep his population from rioting for a while longer, it may keep him quiet. Who knows? And send him whatever hair piece stuff he wears to keep his head looking like that. What do you call that, a bouffant? We’re dealing with, obviously, a deranged individual, but he may be quite crafty at the same time.

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