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RUSH: This flap with Nancy Pelosi and her airplane and her travel. When I read about this, it first came up — it really got going after I left last week. It picked up steam. I followed it all week when I was gone. I know a little bit about airplanes, and there’s something about this that made no sense to me. When I was told — or when I read — that the plane that the Air Force gave Pelosi could not make it coast to coast, that it was a commuter jet, I said, “What the hell is that? There’s no such thing.” So I got looking into it a little further, and I found some fascinating tidbits. The airplane that the Air Force wanted to give Nancy Pelosi is the Gulfstream III. There’s a GIII, GIV, GV, or 450 and 550 now. The Gulfstream III will travel eight hours. It will go 4,000 miles without having to stop to fuel. It will seat 12 people. It’s not the latest, greatest plane in the sky, but it certainly doesn’t have to stop to refuel.
Then I looked at something else, because I have contacts. There’s a place, a little airport — I’m going to grab this out of my pocket here. I’m probably going to blow this sky high by making this public. But there is a place in Salina, Kansas. We who have our own planes know where to stop if we have to stop for the best deals on fuel and a number of other things. There is this place in Salina, Kansas, and it is called Flower Air, I believe it is. The FBO at this place — and I’ve also learned the Air Force stops there a lot, and it’s the Air Force who would be flying Pelosi around or anybody else. What happens at this FBO, this Flower Air, they give you — for every 500 gallons of gas that you buy, they give you — four steaks and a bunch of wine, and you can go in there and you can make out pretty well. If you pull in there and get 2,000 gallons of gas, you can end up with something like 16 steaks and a whole case of wine. It’s just like anything else. It’s a competitive market out there to sell jet fuel, and I know the Air Force stops there a lot for the purposes of refueling and so forth, because the price is right and we get the good benefits. Now, I don’t know that Pelosi has ever stopped there. I don’t know that the Air Force taking Pelosi has ever stopped there. I just know about this place in Salina, Kansas — and there are other FBOs, other fixed base operators where you can stop and refuel and there are similar kinds of deals offered.
But the idea that they put Nancy Pelosi on a plane that will not go coast to coast is just not true. She’s holding out for what essentially is a Boeing 757, which is what the vice president gets and the first lady on certain trips, and that’s what she wants. Hastert did not get that. Hastert got the GIII. They could put her on the equivalent of a GIV, which would go nine hours. They could put her on a GV. I’ve seen government GVs in Vail. Various cabinet secretaries will fly around in those things, and a GV will go from New York to Tokyo nonstop, but they’re not putting her on something that will not go California-New York nonstop or vice-versa. If they’re stopping, it’s for some other reason than the plane will not make it. Just trust me on this.

RUSH: John in Bozeman, Montana, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Hey, Rush.
RUSH: Hey.
CALLER: Nice to talk with you.
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: Listen, I can’t believe — two points quick. I can’t believe the Democrats who are opposed to global warming are letting Nancy Pelosi and her 757 footprint fly around the country. She’s gotta get a more fuel efficient ride than that, don’t you think?
RUSH: Not only that, but she’s driving around to global warming rallies in these giant SUVs.
CALLER: Well, you know, the other day Sir Richard Branson said he was going to offer $25 million to the person who solves global warming.
RUSH: Right.
CALLER: Do I get the prize if I tell them to park the jets? Park the Virgin fleet! Can I give my address over the air where he can send the check?
RUSH: Why doesn’t he give it to Gore because I thought Gore had already solved it? Gore is going to win an Oscar! Gore is going to win an Emmy! Gore is going to win a Grammy! Gore is going to win whatever. Gore is going to win a Nobel Peace Prize. It seems to me that that’s solving the problem, in liberal-speak.
CALLER: Did Gore fly over there, do you think?
RUSH: Every time Gore opens his mouth, the temperature drops ten degrees.
CALLER: I love it with the airplanes and the global warming and the crowd that owns the airplanes like Branson.
RUSH: Exactly right, exactly. Well, you’re falling for the whole thing. You’re accepting the premise. I know you’re joking, but you’re accepting the premise that there is warming and that it is caused by man. There may be warming. That’s not even settled. But the fact that it’s caused by man is not science, either. That’s the result of consensus, and there can be no science if the word consensus is involved. Science and consensus? Pfft! The two things cancel each other out, and certainly there’s no science if there is consensus. But I appreciate the call, John. Thanks much.

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